How to turn on Private mode in Chrome

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In our day and age privacy has become an utmost priority, if you’re someone who is concerned about your privacy while browsing on the internet you need to know how to open private mode on Chrome.

Private mode is also known as Incognito mode and Chrome offers a private mode for your browsing. This article will tell you how to turn on the incognito mode in 4 simple steps. You can also turn on the incognito mode on the YouTube app.

How to Open Incognito Mode on Chrome

Open Private mode in Chrome in 4 steps


Step-1 Open Chrome: Firstly, you need to find the Chrome app in your App menu. Go to the app Icon and Tap on it.

Step-2 Go to the three-dot menu: You will view the homepage of the app after tapping on the icon. Scroll to the top and on the top right corner of the screen tap on the three-dot menu.

Step-3 Select the Incognito tab: In the three-dot menu, you will be able to view the option of the incognito tab. Tap on the New Incognito Tab as shown in the picture below.

Step-4 Browse Safely: Now you will be redirected to the incognito tab. Tap on the search bar and enjoy your Private browsing!


What is private mode?
For the safety and privacy of its users, Chrome has provided them with the option of the Private or the Incognito mode. This model is very beneficial and has a lot of perks. Browsing in private mode:

  • Blocks unwanted ads
  • Protects you from sites tracking your history
  • Provides additional protection from cookie-based tracking
  • Leaves no browser history
  • If someone else uses your device they won’t be able to see what you searched for.
  • Information entered in forms is deleted once you close the tab
  • Every time you open a new tab it acts like a clean slate.

How to know if you are in incognito mode?

Usually, there are little to no indicators to show if a website is in incognito or private mode.

To make sure that the private mode is turned on look for some clear indicators. Firstly, almost all tabs in incognito mode are grey and black in color. Secondly, the incognito mode icon appears in front of open tabs and also in the search or address bar.

Also after browsing through a few websites if the search history is not visible this means you are using Private mode.


Is the dark mode equivalent to incognito mode?

No, you should not confuse the dark mode with the incognito mode on chrome.

It is true that the tabs turn grey/black in incognito mode but turning on the dark mode also turns tabs black. To turn the tabs black on chrome you need to go to settings and turn on the dark theme. Similarly, you can also turn on the dark themes on youtube as well. WhatsApp and Gmail also offer dark themes on their apps.

Can you get hacked on Google Chrome?

Even though the incognito mode is advertised for its excessive privacy it does not save you from getting hacked.

Nothing on the internet is truly ”invisible” and your internet service provider and professional hackers can still see your activity on the internet. Harmful malware and viruses can attack your phone and cause malfunctioning of your device despite being in Private mode.

What are the disadvantages of incognito mode?

Almost all browsers offer private browsing and claim to track less browser activity of the user. However, using the private mode comes with its disadvantages.

  • You are unable to use certain built-in features of the browser
  • Your device is never truly invisible to the sites you visit and they can track you through your IP address
  • Files downloaded during private mode still remain on your device
  • To open private tabs it must be turned on every time.

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