How to get rid of google doodles on chrome

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Get rid of Google Doodles on chrome if you do not wish to see them in your Chrome.

The idea of Google doodles was created by the founders accidentally and everybody enjoyed it. It shows doodles relating to important days, people & anniversaries to honor the same. But you can also restrict it as Google and other applications like YouTube consider the preference of their users. For example, you often restrict YouTube when you don't like something. Let's see how to get rid of Google doodles on Chrome.

How to disable Google doodles on Chrome

Get rid of Google doodles on Chrome in 6 steps

Step-1 Open Chrome: Firstly, you will have to open the Chrome app on your cell phone.

Step-2 Click The Three-dots: Now, click on the three-dot icon to open the menu covering options.

Step-3 Select Setting: There you have to select ‘Settings’

Step-4 Go To Site Setting: You will see certain options out of which you have to click on ‘Site setting’

Step-5 Select JavaScript: There you have to tap on an option that reads ‘JavaScript’

Step-6 Disable JavaScript: You can now disable it so you don’t see any doodles on your Google.


Why Do People Obsess Over Google Doodle?

The foremost reason can be that they feel entertained by the different themes and colors.

Google likes its users to enjoy using the app. Hence, seeing these different doodles tend to enliven their home page quite significantly. People even get updates regarding the important days and anniversaries that they might have forgotten.

Who Is Creating These doodles on Google every day?

Dennis Hwang was the Intern who created the first doodle on Google and who was then made the Chief Designer.

Apart from that, there is a team of Engineers and Illustrators who are also known as 'Doodlers' in Google. Who creates the doodle for the logo. The current director of designers is 'Erich Nagler' who is a designer and artist.

Is This Safe To Keep Changing The Logo Of Our Websites?

No, Google is a well-established company that can afford to take the risk of frequently changing its Logo.

Being a beginner it is suggested to keep the logo constant and not to make frequent changes. As it may cause problems for your business. People often consider it unprofessional so be mindful while creating a logo. There are free websites like Canva where you can create logos.

What If People Who Aren't part Of Google Also Has Good Ideas For Doodle?

Well, there is a piece of good news for people like you who has better ideas to share with Google.

Google organizes an annual contest names Doodle for Google. Students from classes, 1 to 10 can participate and create doodle ideas. Those ideas are what the team goes through later.

Why Do People Don't Like Google Doodle And Wish To Prevent Them?

When many people fancy Google doodle there is also a chance of some people not enjoying it.

Doodles don't appear every day. But still, they think it's a waste of time and it should not appear often. That is why they prefer to disable javascript by following the steps mentioned above in the article to remove them.

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