How to Book Ola Bike

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Good news for all those who enjoy a bike ride in the open sun or fresh breeze. Ola Bike is here to help you zoom through the bustling traffic in major cities of India. Download the Ola App today, book a ride, and reach your desired destination on a two-wheeler in very short time.

Book Ola Bike

Steps to book Ola Bike

1. Launch Ola application: The first to book an Ola bike is to launch the Ola application. You have to go to your phone's application drawer and locate the Ola cabs icon as shown in the picture. When you find the Ola cabs icon, tap on it once to open.

2. Provide Location access: As a result of opening Ola application, you will get the following screen along with the pop up. This pop up is a confirmation message asking for permission to use the location of your device. Tap on OK to provide location access to the application.

3. Tap on the Pickup location option: After you give location access to the application, the app will be redirected to the following screen as shown below. In this screen, you have to first enter your pick up location. To do this, tap on the space provided as shown by the arrow mark.

4. Enter your Pick Up location: As a result of tapping on the space provided, you will be redirected to this screen. Using the keypad, type out the location of where you want to be picked up. From the list that appears, select the most convenient option.

5. Tap on Drop location option: After you enter the pickup location, you will be redirected back to the previous screen as shown below. You can now enter the drop location. Drop location represents the location of your destination. In order to do this, you have to first tap on the space provided as shown below.

6. Enter destination: As a result of tapping on the drop location option, you will be redirected to the following screen. Using your phone's keypad, tap out the exact address of your destination. After typing, you will get a drop down menu with the relevant results. Select the most appropriate location.

7. Select the option of "Bike": Once you enter your destination, you can then pick the kind of ride you want. To book an Ola bike, at this step you have to tap on the option of bike. At the bottom of the screen you will notice the different options. swipe across and select the option of Bike.

8. Tap on Skip: After you pick the type of ride, Ola will show you the following screen. This screen includes a confirmation message asking if the ride is for someone else. If you are booking for yourself, tap on the skip option as indicated by the option below.

9. Select Ride Now option: As a result of following all the previous steps, you will get the following screen. This screen is an overview of your ride. You will notice the option of ride now as shown in the picture. Tap on the option once to book the ride.

Therefore, in this way, any individual can book an Ola bike. The procedure to Book an Ola bike is simple and easy. There is no complicated procedure to Book Ola bike. Ola Bike is convenient when you are an individual traveler. Thus, it can be useful to users who travel alone.

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