How to Book Ola Bike

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Good news for all those who enjoy a bike ride in the open sun or fresh breeze. Ola Bike is here to help you zoom through the bustling traffic in major cities of India. Download the Ola App today, book a ride, and reach your desired destination on a two-wheeler in very short time. Ola bike

What is Ola Bike

Ola Bike is a two-wheeler taxi booking service in the low-cost, economy class transportation service. The reliable and comfortable service ensures last mile connectivity to budget-conscious consumers in different cities and towns of India.

Where is Ola Bike available

The Ola Bike transportation service is available in various cities across India such as Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Faridabad, Jaipur, etc., 

The TSPs (taxi service providers or drivers) operate their bikes in selected parts of all these cities. The Ola App specifies the complete details of all the available areas within your city or town.

How to book Ola Bike

Book the fair and friendly Ola Bike service using the following sequence of steps-

  1. First, you have to download and install the Ola Bike App to your Smartphone.
  2. After that, Register and login into your personal account.
  3. Select the Ola Bike App and book a ride to your destination.
  4. Specify the location or pick up spot for the driver or Taxi Service Provider.

How many commuters can travel using Ola Bike

Ola Bike can be used by only one passenger or customer at a time. The driver who is nearest to your address or location is assigned for the pickup.

How do I pay for Ola Bike service

There are two payment methods for Ola Bike transportation service-

  • You can make seamless online payments using Ola Money feature.
  • Cash payment to the bike driver at the destination is also acceptable.

What are the benefits of Ola Bike

Ola Bike is a unique and one of its kind 2-wheeler transportation service in India, with the following benefits-

  • You have the same experience as booking a cab with Ola App.
  • The driver details are displayed to you upfront.
  • You have the live tracking facility for the duration of the ride.
  • There is a SOS button to send a message to safety response team.
  • Cashless transaction at the destination using Ola Money.
  • Pillion rider gets the safety helmet as per mandated RTO regulations.

How much do Ola Bike services cost

Ola Bike is a very low cost, customer friendly taxi operation for budget conscious travelers. The fares vary from one city to another, but the minimum or base fare for the first 3 km is around 20 rupees to 30 rupees.  

The ride time fare is Rs 1  per minute while the per kilometer fare has been set at 2 rupees per km.

Are Ola Bike Services trustworthy

Ola Bike is an exclusive offering from Ola cabs which is a respectable transportation service provider with an all India presence. The booking service is also very simple, transparent, and without any hassles or headaches.

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