How to Book Ola in Advance

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Ola provides you with an option to book an Ola cab in advance. Scheduling a cab is another way of referring to booking a cab in advance. The procedure involves booking an Ola cab for a later journey. This option allows you to set the time when you want the cab to arrive.

The maximum amount of time to book an Ola in advance is 7 days and minimum is 1 hour. You can book a cab in advance for less than an hour. Thus The steps explained below show you how you can book an Ola cab in advance.

How To Schedule Ride on Ola Cab

Steps to Book Ola can in Advance

1. Open the Ola application: Opening the Ola application is the first step to book an Ola cab in advance. You can do this by locating the Ola icon from the list of applications in your app drawer. Tap on the Ola icon once after you find it. This will open the application on your device.

2. Turn on the device's location: As a result of opening the Ola application, a small pop-up message will appear as shown in the picture. This message will ask you to turn on the device's location. The reason for this is that Ola cab booking service makes use of the device's current location. Therefore, tap on the OK option shown by the arrow to turn on the location.

3. Open the Pickup location: After you turn on the device's location, you will be taken to the Ola home-screen as shown in the picture. You will notice two major options namely, Pick up location and drop location at the top of the screen. Tap on the Pickup location option first. This enables you to enter the pickup address.

4. Enter the address you want to be picked up from: You will be taken to the section shown below as a result of opening the pickup location option. This section has a search bar that you can use to search for the pickup address. Tap on the search bar as shown by the arrow and enter the address. consequently, a list of results will appear from which you have to select the most relevant one.

5. Tap on the drop location option: You will be redirected back to the Ola home-screen once you enter the pickup location. You can now go ahead with entering the drop location. The drop location represents the address of the location you want to travel. Thus you can enter this option by tapping on the option shown by the arrow mark below.

6. Enter the address of your destination: After you tap on the drop location, you will be taken to the section shown in the picture below. The arrow in the picture points out the search bar which you can use to search for the address of your destination. Tap on the search bar and type in the address of your drop location. Consequently, a list of results will appear. Select the most relevant result by tapping on it once. You can change the drop location later if you need to.

7. Select the Ride now option: Ola offers you two options once you enter the pickup location as well as the drop location. You can either choose Ride now or Ride later. Ride now signifies booking an immediate cab. But since we are talking about booking an Ola in advance, select the Ride later option once you have selected the type of cab you want. You can either choose Mini, Prime, etc

8. Set the Date and time and hit Done: Ola will give you a pop-up shown in the picture, as a result of selecting the Ride now option. This pop-up includes two details. Firstly, you have to set the date of your journey. Once you set the date of the journey, set the time of your ride. After you set the date and time, hit the done option shown by the arrow to go ahead with scheduling the cab.

9. Confirm the booking of your cab: Once you have followed all the steps explained above, you will get an overview of your ride. This overview will include all relevant details such as the date, time, and even price of the ride. You can make any corrections in case of any errors if needed. Once you go through all the details, tap on the confirm booking option shown by the arrow mark. This will confirm the advance booking of your Ola cab.

Therefore the steps explained above show how any user can book an Ola in advance. The procedure is very simple to follow. This service is essential when you are planning a journey and the availability of cabs is uncertain. Thus the option to book Ola in advance reduces the uncertainty of unavailability.

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