How to Book Ola from Google Maps

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Ola has grown a great extent in the past few years as a result for the increased demand in cabs. Because of this, Ola now offers it's users the possibility to book cabs from Google Maps directly. For this to be possible, the user must have the Ola application pre-installed in their phone. Ola gives you an option to book an Ola from google maps to reduces the lengthy procedure.

Ola Cab From Google Maps

Steps to Book Ola from Google Maps

1. Launch Google Maps Application: The first step in order to book the Ola cab from google maps is to open Google Maps. Locate the Google maps application from your application drawer by identifying the icon as shown below and tap on it once to open.

2. Enter the destination: As a result of opening google maps application, you will get the following screen. Here you will notice a search bar at the top of the screen as indicated by the arrow mark in the picture. Tap on the search bar and enter the destination to which you want to go to.

3. Select the "directions" option: After you search for a destination, it will locate the address and give you a small pop up as shown in the picture. This pop up includes various details like the timings of the place, as well as options. Among the two options, select the option of "Directions". The "Directions" option is represented in the form of a blue button as shown below.

4. Choose "Ola": When you tap on the option of directions, you will get the following screen. This will give you the directions to the location as well as the different modes which you can use to get there. Scroll down and locate the option of Ola and tap on it once as shown in the picture below.

5. Tap on skip: As a result of tapping on the Ola option, you will be redirected to the Ola application of your phone. By default, Ola will give you the following message asking if the ride is for someone else. Tap on the skip option as shown in the picture below.

6. Choose a convenient boarding point: After you skip the option of booking for someone else, you will be asked to pick a convenient location. From the options available to you, select a location that you are comfortable with and at the same time, that is convenient for you. After choosing a location, Tap on the "Got it" option.

7. Book your Cab: Once you select your pick up location, you can then book your cab. To do this, comply with all the requirements like mode of payment and adding discount coupon. Once you do that, you can book the cab by tapping on the confirm booking option. The confirm booking option is present at the bottom of the screen as shown below.

Therefore, in this way, any user can book an Ola from google maps. There is no complicated procedure to follow while doing so. The option to book Ola from google maps is helpful to reduce the time required in booking a cab to an unknown location. A user can search for the location on google maps and then directly book a cab to the respective location.  

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