How to Book Ola Outstation Cabs

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Ola Cabs has successfully integrated transportation services and mobile technology to ensure low-cost travel for customers in India. The transportation networking service has subsequently introduced the Ola Outstation service to facilitate inter-city travel at economical prices. 

Download the Ola App today and book an enriching and comfortable trip to your favorite destination or tourist spot. Ola Outstation

What is Ola Outstation

Ola Outstation is a trustworthy and safe cab/taxi booking system for inter-city travel. The Ola App provides the Outstation icon for booking a ride to your favorite city, pilgrim center, tourist location, or town.

What do I need to book Ola Outstation

You require the latest Ola App on your Smartphone to book an outstation cab for inter-city travel. Download the App and register for an account with your personal details. Use online banking or credit/debit card to recharge your Ola money.

Where is Ola Outstation available

Ola outstation service is available in all the major cities of India. More than 63 cities are covered by Ola outstation including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Indore, Ranchi, Vijayawada, Tirupati, Patna, Amritsar, Chandigarh etc.

How to Book Ola Outstation Cabs

  1. First, you have to select the Ola Outstation icon on the Ola App.
  2. Make an advance booking up to 10 days ahead of schedule.
  3. For emergencies, Select your time of travel at least 1 hour in advance.
  4. Choose a round trip to your favorite destination for up to 10 days.
  5. You can also opt for a one-way ride on select routes in India.
  6. Select the car category from Sedan, SUV, or Mini.
  7. Confirm the ride details, and hit the 'Accept and Confirm' tab.
  8. The SMS confirms the ride at least 45 minutes before pick up.

Note: You can also book Ola Outstation cab direct from Ola official website.

What is the payment structure for Ola Outstation

The Ola Outstation fares vary as they are based on pick up location, destination, total distance, car category, etc., The App provides comprehensive details of the base fares for different car categories and cities in India. 

The base fare is a fixed charge for X km. traveled in 24 hours. Additional distance is also billed on a per km. basis and the fare does not cover toll tax, parking charges, etc.,

How do I pay for Ola Outstation service

You can pay the driver in cash after reaching the destination. Alternatively, Ola Money option can also be exercised to make a cashless payment.

Can Ola Outstation be Pre-booked

Yes. You can make an advance booking for Ola Outstation cabs and avoid last minute risky arrangements for long distance rides. One of the essential features of Ola App is to make a pre-booking for Outstation cabs up to 7 days in advance.

How do I pre-book Ola Outstation Cab Service

The Ola App comes with a Ride Later option to facilitate advanced bookings. Select the Ola Outstation icon and change the date and time. Pick your favorite car or taxi, and confirm the booking after reviewing all the details. 

Ola Cabs ensures that the cab arrives at your doorstep or pick up spot on the pre-booked date and time.

Can I book a one-way trip using Ola Outstation

Ola Outstation is a very flexible service, and you can conveniently book a one-way trip. Book Ola Outstation one-way service and enjoy an exhilarating and convenient inter-city ride in your favorite sedan, SUV, or mini.

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