How to Book Ola Prime Sedan Cab

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Ola cab booking service offers its customers premium services as well. The "Prime" section of Ola includes these premium features. Therefore, Ola prime includes all premium cars such as Toyota, Honda, etc. Ola Prime Sedans include all premium sedans such as Honda City, Toyota Altis, etc. These cars provide extra comfort and style to your ride and also provide services such as WiFi. Thus the article explains the steps to Book an Ola prime sedan.

How to Book Ola

Steps to book Ola Prime Sedan

1. Launch the Ola application: The first step in Booking Ola prime sedan is to launch the Ola application from the phone's application launched. This is nothing but opening the app. Locate the Ola Icon from the Phone's app drawer as shown in the picture and tap on it once. This will launch the Ola application.

book ola prime sedan

2. Give access to devise location: After you have opened the application, you will get a confirmation message as shown in the picture. this is a pop-up message asking you for permission to use the device's location. It is important that you do provide the application with access to the device's location. Tap on the OK option shown by the arrow mark to give access to the location. book ola prime sedan

3. Tap on the Pickup location option: Once you give the application permission to use the location, it will open up the Ola Home-screen. You will find the option to enter the Pickup location at the top of the screen as shown by the arrow. Tap on this once to enter the pickup location of your ride. book ola prime sedan

4. Enter the Pickup location: As a result of tapping on the Pickup location option, you will be taken to the section shown below. This section includes a search bar which you will have to use to search for the address from where you want to be picked up. Tap on the search bar and enter the address. Consequently, a list of results will appear. Select your pickup location from the results that appear. book ola prime sedan

5. Tap on the Drop location option: After you enter the Pickup location, you will be taken back to the home screen of Ola. You can then enter the drop location. The drop location represents the address of the destination you want to travel to. Tap on the option as shown in the picture below, to enter your drop location.

book ola prime sedan

6. Enter the address of your drop location: As a result of opening the drop location option you will be switched to the section of Ola as shown in the picture. This section has a search bar as shown in the picture. Tap on this search bar and enter the address of your destination. Subsequently, a list of results will appear, from which you have to tap on the one of your choices. book ola prime sedan

7. Select Prime as your type of cab: Entering the drop location will bring you to the section of Ola shown below. This section will give you the option of choosing the type of cab in the form of a list of options shown below. You can either book Ola mini, Ola Auto, Ola Lux, etc, through this option. Swipe across all the options and select the Prime option as indicated by the arrow in the picture below. book ola prime sedan

8. Tap on Prime Sedan: After you select the Prime section, you will get an additional bar of options that appear above. This bar of options will include the type of prime cabs available such as Prime SUV, Prime Exec, etc. Tap on the Prime Sedan option since we are talking about booking a Prime Sedan. book ola prime sedan

9. Tap on the Ride now option: As a result of selecting the type of cab and type of car, both will be highlighted as shown in the picture below. This is a sign that you can go ahead with the booking. Tap on the Ride now option as shown by the arrow to book an immediate cab rather than schedule a cab. book ola prime sedan

10. Hit the Skip option: Once you tap on the Ride now option, you will get the following message from Ola. This message asks whether the ride you are booking is for you or for someone else. Tap on the skip option shown by the arrow if you are booking the ride for yourself. book ola prime sedan

11. Confirm the Booking: After you follow all the steps explained above, you will get the overview of your ride as shown in the picture. This will also include the price of your ride as well as other details. Go through the details once to check whether they are right. Once you check the details, tap on the Confirm booking option as shown by the arrow to confirm the booking of Ola Prime sedan. book ola prime sedan

Therefore the steps explained above show how an individual can book an Ola Prime sedan. These cars are useful when the user wants to travel with additional comfort. The procedure to book Ola prime sedan is easy and there is no complicated procedure.  

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