How to Book OLA Cabs

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OLA is now a day’s one of the best ever application launched which allows you to book your rides from any corner of the country (Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Pune, Bangalore, Jaipur, Kolkata and so on). OLA is considered to be the safest cab whether you are riding in your hometown or another city. OLA is an Indian Online based Transportation Network Company. It is also known as OLA cabs.

Book Ola Cab

It became easy for OLA user to have access to OLA cabs sitting at their place and not wasting time in waiting for other autos. 


Confused how to use OLA. Don’t know how to book OLA cab through OLA application. If it is your first ride with OLA and you are stuck with online OLA cab booking. 

Not to worry. By following these simple steps you can quickly and easily book your seat with OLA on online. Here  steps are given below:

1. Download OLA App: To book OLA cab you will be needing OLA application on your smartphone. First of all download the app from the play store application available in your phone.

Ola Cabs

2. Old user, enter your login details: Now get started and you will be seeing the option Login and Register to OLA account click now.

how to book ola cab


3. New user register your self: Get yourself registered on OLA with your Mobile number or Email.

book ola cab4. Get the points:  By booking on OLA you will get OLA points in your wallet option.

5. Select your current location: Select your location for the survey of getting list of all OLA cabs available in that particular location. For example: home, office, railway station, airport, or your current or nearest location.

book ola cab

6.Enter your drop location and select car: Select the pickup option and select cab according to your convenience and you will see all the cabs available close to you. For example: prime, India, mini and Sedan.

book ola cab

7. Book your cab: you will see the RIDE NOW option. Click to book the ride.

book ola cab

8. Receive the driver details on phone: after clicking ride now you will instantly get confirmation of the driver and its details on your mobile phone.

9. Select route: with-in few seconds you will see the en-route option on the map. you can also your use OLA money through that you can ride cash free.

10. Make payment: Once everything is done you can pay Ola cab charge by your debit card or credit card in the same app. The easiest way to pay using Ola money. It's easy to use and hassle-free. 

Within few minutes your OLA booking is done. It is as simple as it looks like. OLA is also the safest cab in India.

Ola Car Types

Prices mentioned below can change according to the cities you travel and also subjective to the offers given by OLA cab

  • AutoOla auto ride of 4km will only charge you 29.
  • Sharing – You can share your travel with other people. You have to pay 35 per 5 Km.
  • Micro – 6 per kilometer ride.
  • Mini and Prime – 8 per kilometer ride. For both micro and mini Maruti Ritz, Nissan Micra, Tata Indica, Maruti WagonR, Hyundai Eon, and Datsun cars are available for Micro and Minicar selection
  • Rentals – You will get AC cars. You can select multiple stops.
  • OutstationOla outstation for special Trips.
  • ShuttleOla shuttle 24x7 reliable and comfortable.

In each category of OLA cab app, above its corresponding icon, time will be displayed. This time is the measure of the vehicle’s approach time towards you.

Book OLA Cab on iPhone

OLA (OLA cab) origins from the word “HOLA” meaning ‘hello’ in in Spanish. Now this name has become very popular for hiring taxies in India. As a result, you don’t need to take a walk, or to make calls for hiring the taxi. 

Get your taxi just wherever you are, using OLA app. It lets you hire taxies instantly. This app is run by an Indian company  ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 

The users, who have the prestige of having an iPhone, probably don’t need to hire cabs. But, due to some reason, if they want to book a cab, follow the steps below.   

1. Open the OLA cab app: Do this by tapping on the OLA icon on the main screen.   

2. Pick up and Drop: Select your pickup and drop places by navigating through the map.   

3. Type of Car: Same as android, you will be shown.   

4. Ride now or Later: You can select ride now option or you can schedule a future ride.   

5. Confirm Payment: Finally, confirm the payment to book the cab.   

6. Get OTP: Final step, you get the OTP from the tab and tell it to the driver after arrival to start your journey. 

How many cities cover Ola in India? 

The OLA cab app has grown to have 6,00,000 vehicles and available in 110 cities in India. At peak hours, fares may increase, as demand for the cab is increased. 

you will be notified of the rise in fare before confirm booking. In this article, we are going to teach you to book a cab with OLA. 

There are many more new features introduced for booking OLA with no stress. It is leaving behind Uber as well. As this new feature first Uber tried but failed and OLA got success. 

To check read below. OLA provides both cab services ranging for people who seek for the luxurious ride to economic travel. 

You have to reserve cab through a mobile application for which you have to first download it to your smartphone. 

The best thing about OLA cabs is that it provides you both cash and cashless payment rides with your OLA money, so you don’t have to miss your ride.


The best thing about new change in booking your seat in OLA that, now you can book your ride with using internet. As earlier OLA was lacking with this facility but now you don’t have to wait for your internet connection and you can reserve your seat with OLA just by following these few steps:

  1. Install App: like before it is compulsory that you should have OLA application installed on your phone and if not installed them do it ASAP for further steps.
  2. Open the OLA App: when you will open OLA app with the internet connection, you will come across two options which are: try again later or book via SMS.
    You just have to simply click the other option which is “book via SMS” and move forward for the third option to book your ride.
  3. Book Through Messaging App: To book OLA via SMS it is necessary that you should have SMS balance on your smartphone. When you will click on “book via SMS” option the OLA application will redirect you to the default application which is messaging app through which you can send message to the given particular number.
    You simply have to click the send option and wait for a while for the response.
  4. Selection of Preferred Cab: Within few seconds you will receive an SMS which will have details of all the OLA cabs available in your location.
    With no wasting time just select the cab you need and according to the instructions reply back with the cab number you have selected for your ride.
  5. All set to go: You just have to wait for another second and you will receive confirmation message, as you have before selected the cab according to your convenience, you will now get another message which will be having all the details of the driver of OLA cab you selected and same requirements will be asked from your side. You contact and location details.

Hence your OLA cab booking is done without the use of internet. This feature of OLA is being loved by its user as it is the simplest and easiest way to book and first ever online cab application on which you need not have internet but still can make a ride.

Book OLA cab by Telephone Number 

City’s Ola Cab Booking No
Ola Cab - Mumbai (022) 33553355
Ola Cab - Delhi (011) 33553355
Ola Cab - Bangalore (088) 33553355
Ola Cab - Pune (022) 33553355
Ola Cab - Chennai (044) 33553355
Ola Cab - Goa (022) 33553355
Ola - Jaipur (0141)33553355
Ola Cab - Hyderabad (040) 33553355
Ola Cab - Chandigarh (0172)33553355
Ola Cab - Ahmedabad (079) 33553355
Ola Cab - Surat (0261)33553355
Ola Cab - Indore (0731)33553355
Ola Cab - Lucknow (0522)33553355
City’s Booking Numbers
Ola Cab  - Amritsar (0183)33553355
Ola Cab - Ludhiana (0161)33553355
Ola Cab - Vishakhapatnam (0891)33553355
Ola Cab - Coimbatore (0422)33553355
Ola Cab - Nagpur (0712)33553355
Ola Cab - Nashik (0253)33553355
Ola Cab - Vadodara (0265)33553355
Ola Cab  - Kolkata (033)33553355
Ola Cab - Aurangabad (0240)33553355
Ola Cab  - Madurai Phone (0452)33553355
Ola Cab - Tiruchirapally (0431)33553355
Ola Cab  - Rajkot (0281)33553355
Ola Cab -  Jalandhar (0181)33553355

ANI technologies Pvt. Ltd. Operates the most famous cab trade name of India which is OLA. In Mumbai, it was founded as an online cab aggregator.
But now it runs in almost parts of the country. In September 2015 OLA made its value up to 5 billion. The founder of OLA is Bhavish Aggarwal who is currently its CEO in December 2015.

From 2010 to 2016 OLA has unexpectedly expanded its network up to more than 200,000 cars all over across 100 cities. It is easy to book OLA cabs from mobile as they have launched a mobile application of OLA from June 2015 and got its cab service of taxi in almost $200 million.

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