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Rapid urbanization and the emergence of advanced communication technologies have brought many comforts and conveniences to the residents of cities and townships in India. Mobility is the key in urban areas, and transportation services have upgraded their activities through careful planning, technological networking, and mobile services. 

Ola Auto is a pioneer in this field, and they operate 600,000 vehicles in more than 100 cities all across India. Consumers can book Ola Auto using their mobile phones, and enjoy anything from economic to luxury travel in and around various cities in India. Ola auto

What Is Ola?

Ola is a transport networking company that provides popular mobile apps for city transportation. The company has successfully integrated mobile technologies to connect the customers who require a vehicle, and the drivers who partner with Ola to offer their cars, vans, buses, autos, and rickshaws for transport services.  

How to book Ola Auto?

Booking Ola Auto is a very simple and straightforward procedure. Use the following sequence of steps - 

Step 1. First, you have to download the Ola App to your Smart phone. Ola autos

Step 2. Use your online banking, credit or debit cards to recharge the Ola money.

Ola auto

Step 3. Use the Ola mobile app's Auto icon and book an auto for immediate service.

Ola autos

Step 4. The App locates the nearest driver and notifies him of your location. 

Step 5. The ride is assigned only after the driver accepts the request. 

Step 6. He may call to confirm the pickup point, and arrives at your doorstep. 

Step 7. Pay for the auto ride after you reach your destination.

How much minimum Ola Auto fare?

Ola auto fare: The final Ola Auto payment includes riding charges/ metered amount, along with an additional 10 rupees as convenience/service/sales charge. Night time auto travel includes State Government mandated extra nightly charge, as per RTO guidelines and regulations. Minimum Ola auto fare is listed below. ola auto fare

How should I pay for Ola Auto?

Ola Auto transport service includes two different payment methods.

  • At the destination, you can pay the driver for the ride in cash.
  • You can also pay using the Ola money balance option. 

What vehicles does Ola offer for transportation?

Ola's mobile platform partners with thousands of skilled drivers, car manufacturers, private financers, and service providers. They offer the following transportation vehicles for the benefit of customers-

  • The familiar and affordable Auto ride without any waiting time or price negotiation hassles.
  • Individual or shared cab services including micro, mini, prime sedan, shuttle services, prime play, and SUVs.
  • Luxury services including Mercedes, Benz, Audi, etc., at hourly rental fares.
  • E-Rickshaws for short distance travel with online booking facility.

All above services you can book by Ola Cabs App.

What is Ola Auto Service?

Ola Auto service is a trendy, transparent and reliable auto booking system that relies on mobile app and SMS for communication. The relatively new Auto service does not include billing or invoicing system as of now. 

What are the advantages of Ola Auto service?

  • The Auto arrives right at your doorstep or the pickup spot.
  • A comfortable and very familiar way of travelling for many Indians.
  • An eco-friendly ride without any sort of hassles whatsoever.
  • Transparent cashless transaction that offers 100% value for your money.

Where can I book Ola Auto? 

Ola Auto booking services are currently available in major cities of India such as Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Delhi, Ahmedabad, and Hyderabad. 

How do I access the Ola Auto Service? 

As of now, The Ola Auto service can be booked using only the Ola App for Smart phones. You cannot book Ola Autos using the call centre or website services. 

How do I pay using Ola Money option? You can make a partial or complete payment using your Ola money balance option -

  • First, you have to mention the travel fare to the driver.
  • After that, you receive an SMS with account number, 4-digit authentication code and payment amount in rupees.
  • Share this authentication code with the auto driver for confirmation.
  • The Ola money does not get debited immediately, and the authentication code is only an agreement between you and the driver.
  • In case of network failure, Make the cash payment at the destination. 

What features does Ola Auto App include?

  • The Ola Auto App includes an attractive and well-designed Auto Icon.
  • You can only book a service by clicking/hitting the RIDE NOW option.
  • You can input the drop location in the App during the booking process.
  • The Ola Auto App also includes a well-integrated and fully functional ride tracking feature.

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