How to Get Ola Pass

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Ola offers it's customers the facility to avail a periodic pass. An Ola pass is the service by which you can book cabs at the fixed fares without any peak charges, throughout the stipulated period. This means that it gives the pass holder an advantage in booking cabs for a particular number of rides. The pass service is helpful to regular travelers. It can be availed for a month, with different number of rides.

How to use Ola cab share pass

Steps to get Ola pass

1. Launch Ola App: In order to get the Ola pass, you have to first launch the old application. From your app drawer, locate the Ola cabs icon as shown in the picture below. Tap on the icon once to open the Ola application, wherein you can avail all the services it offers.

2. Give permission for your location: As a result of opening Ola, it will launch with a confirmation message as shown below. This is a message asking you to grant permission for the use of your device's location. It is an important step as without it, Ola will not work as it depends on the current location of the user.


3. Tap on the Options icon: After you provide the location permission, you will get the screen as shown below. From this screen, in order to get Ola pass, you have to navigate your way to the options. For this you need to tap on the three lines option in the top left corner of the screen as shown in the picture below.


4. Locate and tap on the Ola pass option: As a result of tapping on the options icons, a drop down list as shown below appears, containing all the options regarding the application. From the list of options you get, you have to scroll down till you find the option of Ola pass. Tap on the option once to get the Ola pass.


5. Select "Cab passes" option: Tapping on Ola pass option will open the screen as shown below. This is the Ola pass section of the application wherein you can get your Ola pass. To do so, tap on the option that says "cab passes" as indicated by the arrow mark.

6. Choose the pass of your choice: The cab passes will open as shown in the picture below from which you have to select the pass which you want to get. Tap on the respective option depending on your requirement. On tapping the option, the particular pass will be selected.

7. View the pass details: After selecting the pass, you have to then view pass details. To view pass details, tap on the option that is represented by the arrow mark in the picture below. On doing so, you will get all relevant information regarding the pass you selected.

8. Tap on "Buy Now" : As a result of viewing the pass details, you will get the following screen shown below. This is the screen where you can buy the pass for future use. Tap on the option at the bottom of the screen and make the payment through your desired mode of transaction.

Therefore, in this way, any Ola user can avail a pass to use in the future. The steps explained above should be followed carefully. Once you follow the steps explained above, you will have access to a pass for the selected number of rides.

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