How to Check Electricity and Water Bill in UAE

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You can quickly check your Electricity and Water bills online. It's a safe and secure website where you may check your bills. You may also make your bill payments online. To pay your bills, you'll need to get a job in Dubai. Follow the steps below to learn how to pay your electricity and water bills in the UAE.

How to Pay your Bill Online Through the DEWA Website

Check Electricity And Water Bill in UAE in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Go to the UAE public utility page: As the initial step, you need to visit the UAE public utilities page of the official portal of the UAE government. To do that the link is over here.

  • Click on the link from here and you will be redirected to the UAE jobs page.
  • Or else, copy and paste this link onto your device’s browser and then click on the search button.
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Step 2: Tap on check your electricity and water bill: From the related eServices section look for the option Check your electricity and water bill.

  • Once, you find it tap on it.
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Step 3: Enter the account ID: Then, the next process is to enter your account ID. If you don't already have an account make it.

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Step 4: Tap on check: LAstly, you have to tap on the check.

  • Your details of electricity and water bill will be shown.
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These 4 steps will make it easy for you to check Electricity and Water Bills in UAE.


What exactly is fewa in the UAE?

The Federal Electricity and Water Authority is known as FEWA. It is a governmental corporation in the UAE that provides energy and water to four of the seven emirates.

How can I cut my water bill in the UAE?

To save money on your bills,

  • Avoid doing laundry and using dishwashers during peak hours.
  • Turn off appliances to save energy and lower your DEWA cost.
  • Regular AC maintenance might help you save money on your DEWA payment.
  • Many customers cut their DEWA expenses by installing halogen incandescent, compact fluorescent, or LED light bulbs.

Is power costly in the UAE?

In United Arab Emirates, the price of energy is 0.081 USD per kWh for consumers and 0.100 USD for companies, which covers all components of the electricity bill such as power costs, distribution costs, and taxes.

What if you do not pay DEWA?

DEWA services are subject to termination 14 days after the due date on your bill. DEWA will provide three notices before disconnecting your service. If services disconnect, they will be restored four hours after the payment is paid.

How is my DEWA bill so much?

The timing of your water use has a significant impact on your DEWA bill. The amount charged per usage is usually larger during the day than at night. It is recommended that you perform your washing and other water-related chores in the evening, particularly after 6 p.m.

Hence, checking Electricity and Water Bills in UAE is very easy with this DEWA portal. After checking you can also pay your electricity and water bill in UAE. And, following these 4 steps will give you the most precise way to check the Electricity and Water Bills in UAE.

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