How to Check UAE Visa Ban Status

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UAE visa ban prohibits a person from entering the country or taking up any new job. The ban depending on who they are and/or what they've done while they've been in the UAE. There are various sub-rules associated with it, which one must check. If you are working in the UAE, it is important that you are aware of the different types of visa bans. They are: -

  1. Permanent Residency Ban
  2. Labour Ban
  3. Immigration Ban
  4. Employment Ban
  5. Six Month Ban
  6. One-Year Ban

As per the latest changes in the Labour Laws, there is “No Labour Ban” scheme. This does not mean that the bans have been eliminated completely. 

Under the New Ban System, there are still some bans, but subject to certain changes and amendments. With the ever-changing work scenarios and amendments in various laws, one needs to be updated and aware of them. 

One must be aware as to which law applies to them to avoid any form of negative consequences. 

The knowledge of your laws also helps you to be aware of your rights. This ensures you are not fooled or tricked because of your ignorance. 

We are here to help you with your issues regarding visa status. There are a lot of ways and sources from where one can check their visa status and find if any ban or any other condition applies to them. 

It is important that one checks only from reliable sources which provide updated records. Here are some of the sources from where you can check your visa status. The procedure for checking is simple. Just follow the steps.

How to check UAE visa ban status with passport number

This is using your passport number, so keep that handy. The steps are: - 

1. Type in the search bar of your browser. UAE visa status   2. Login using your credentials. 

3. Fill the required information- Application Number, Gender, Nationality, and   Date of Birth. Your application will be displayed. 

Here you can see step by step guide with pictures How to check UAE visa Status?

Check UAE immigration travel ban - AMER SERVICES

1. Type in the search bar of your browser. how to check uae visa ban status with passport number   2. Click on general Inquiry from the menu options. 

3. Select the service relating to which you need the details. 

4. Fill the form with the required details. 

5. Your application will be displayed. Here is the complete process with pictures how to check UAE visa status? 

These were some of the ways to check your visa status and check for bans as well. If you have any queries or have issues understanding the search results, you can call on the toll-free numbers given on each website and talk directly to their official representatives. Always stay updated with the laws.

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