How to Apply for Abu Dhabi Visa

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Abu Dhabi visa Rules - Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE, is a modern city that is famous for mega shopping centers and skyscrapers. The city attracts tourists, immigrants, laborer’s, and businessmen from different parts of the world. 

GCC citizens can visit without an Abu Dhabi visa, while citizens of Japan, Brunei, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and European countries are issued free-of-charge visas upon arrival at Abu Dhabi Airport

Citizens of other countries, however, have to apply at their nearest UAE Embassy for Abu Dhabi visa. Foreigners who accompany GCC nationals, as well as GCC expatriate residents (permit holders), also require an e-visa to enter Abu Dhabi. 

The visa rules of UAE are subject to change, and the visitors are instructed to check with the embassy, consulate, or travel agents for further guidance and all the latest details.

Types of Abu Dhabi Visa

abu dhabi visa There are different types of Abu Dhabi visa for different types of travelers who wish to enter or stay here for short or extended periods of time. 

Abu Dhabi Visa for Tourist - The Abu Dhabi visa is a special category of visit visa for eligible tourists from different parts of the world. The visa requires sponsorship from UAE Airlines, hotels, tour operators, or traveling agencies. 

The visa is issued for a period of 30 days and other aspects such as renewal, extension, and processing fee depend on the sponsors' terms. 

Abu Dhabi Visa for Transit - Transit passengers whose stop is over 8 hours are issued the transit visa provided they have a valid passport, and confirmed reservation at UAE hotel, and confirmed booking to third destination country. 

The Abu Dhabi visa for transit passengers is valid for 96 hours or 4 days from the date of issue by the airline authorities, with which they are flying. 

Abu Dhabi Visa for Visit- The Abu Dhabi visa for visitors has to be sponsored by the private sector, family, friends, or relatives residing in the UAE. 

This visa is an entry permit and the onus is on the sponsor to submit a copy at the airport as well as send one more copy to the visitor via fax or email. 

The different types of Abu Dhabi visa are issued by Interior Ministry or the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) located in Dubai. 

The visa aspirants have to submit the applications and necessary documents using online mode or at the UAE embassy (eye scan necessary). 

Visas are also arranged, as mentioned above, by sponsors provided all the documents are in place and they have enough time on hands. 

The authorities can decline visas to anyone, and the sponsors are not responsible for delays or rejection of Abu Dhabi visa. 

How to Apply for Abu Dhabi Visa?

  1. Tourist visas have to be arranged through sponsors such as tour operators, UAE based airlines, hotels, and travel agencies.
  2. The interested applicants can also contact the UAE embassy in their respective countries and apprehend the complete details.
  3. The original and photocopies of passport, blank pages, visa application letter in English, personal ID, police clearance certificate, passport size photos, eye scan set, etc., are also required for submitting the online or offline applications.
  4. Transit visas can be arranged at the Abu Dhabi airport with the assistance of the airlines with which the passenger is traveling or booked.
  5. Visit visa is arranged by the Abu Dhabi based sponsor, and the visitor can enter the capital city after submitting the photocopy at the airport.
  6. Students, employees, and business personnel have to contact the embassies of their respective countries for prior approval and completion of other formalities.  The employees require residence visas which are arranged by the UAE based employer.
  7. The biometric scans of iris of the visitor or tourist's eyes are taken at the airport by the concerned Abu Dhabi authorities or at the UAE embassy.

Additional details are available at the official website of the GDRFA at the following link -

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