How to Get the Benefits of Residence Visa in UAE

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A UAE residency visa is a legal document that enables visitors to remain in the UAE permanently. Residence visas are normally valid for between two and three years. However, they can be extended up to ten years through renewals. In reality, many ex-pats from the UAE renew their visas on a regular basis. This is to allow themselves and their families to live here. It is because permanent residency is still now there in the UAE, and getting a resident visa is crucial. Let's see how to get the Benefits of a Residence Visa in UAE.

Dubai and UAE residence Visa

Get the Benefits of a Residence Visa in UAE in just 3 Steps

Step 1: Go to residence visa page: Firstly, turn on your internet connection and open the Google Chrome app. Next, type "U.A.E. residence visa" and press enter. A page will appear. Now select it to open. 

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Step 2: Tap on how to become a resident: Now you will have an option that says, "How to become a resident in the UAE?" Click on that green color option now. 

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Step 3: Check the benefits: Lastly, click on the option that says "Benefits of having a UAE resident visa."

  • After clicking on this option, you'll find all the benefits listed here.
  • Now you can read them carefully to understand all the points. 
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Thus, following these instructions, you can now check out the benefits there. Also, you can extend your visit visa in UAE.


How can I cancel a visa?

The simplest approach to ending your resident status in the UAE is to cancel a visa. Sending your passport to the issuing government is all that is required to cancel your visa. This is done while you are still in the UAE.   The next step is to wait until the visa is revoked. This generally takes a few days or a couple of weeks.

How Can I Keep My Residence Permit in the UAE?

You must maintain the validity of your resident visa after receiving it. It's fortunately not too difficult.   All that is required of you is that you enter the UAE once every six months. You will need to reapply for a visa if you don't meet this condition.

How can I renew my visa for residence in the UAE?

Around one to two weeks, before your visa expires, you must visit a screening center for a medical exam in order to renew it. You'll require to take numerous tests during the visit. Send the report and your passport to the immigration office. Your passport will receive an immigration stamp, allowing you to remain in the UAE for an additional period.

What paperwork do I need to cancel a visa for residence in the UAE?

You need these documents:

  • A copy of your cancellation form has been signed.
  • Your Emirates ID and labor card.
  • Your genuine passport the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization's clearance form

What advantages do UAE resident visas offer?

The advantages are financial resources and a driver's license. You can access government healthcare programs and insurance. Also, you can enroll your children in both public and private schools.

With these questions, you can now get a better understanding. You can apply for a temporary entry permit in UAE.

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