How to Get a Job in Dubai

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Dubai, The city of ‘Sheikhs’ is the most populous as well as business spot of United Arab Emirates in the Middle East. The city is attractive for its world’s tallest skyscrapers. It is also famous for shopping destination. But, from last decades it is also becoming famous for job opportunities in every field. 

As Dubai’s economy is a fast growing economy so a person can get a job there easily. But, the things which look easy can result in disasters. 

Although Dubai’s job opportunities are attractive but a person who is thinking to get a job there should check basic things. These basic things can help the one to feel free and safe.

Things to keep in mind before get a job in Dubai:

How to Get a Job in Dubai

  1. When you think of Get a Job in Dubai the first question arises from where to start? Well, the internet can become your saviour. You can check the provided list of employers and companies on the internet. Like is a homepage of recruitment service website containing the list of various jobs.
  2. You can shortlist the companies out of the list and then try to check out their websites to know the company’s business size and scope. Also check its image in media is the company in good book or in bad book?
  3. You can check the trading license of the related company. The Dubai Department of Economic Development has the complete list of active trading companies online. If a company is not registered there and has no contact details, the company is fake. Avoid it.
  4. Get a Job in Dubai Search the given contact details of the related company on Google search engine. You’ll find the huge amount of info on Google.

Help of Recruit Agents:

  1. You are advised to take the help of reputable agents working in Dubai. Beware of ‘Fake Agents’. There is a ‘Dubai Job Forum’ in which a list of fake agencies is provided to the knowledge of job seekers.
  2. If the agent ask you money in the form of registration fee, placement fee etc. The agency is not legal and working against the Article 18 of UAE labour law.
  3. Under the law, all the recruitment expenses of an employee will be paid by the agency. The agent can deduct the expenses only in the case of premature termination of the contract by the employee.

Documents you’ll needed:

  1. Go along with your original documents of school/university/diploma/degree.
  2. The documents should be attested in your country at UAE consulate. It will help you in the situation of walk-in-interview.
  3. Take your driving license and Portfolio if you are from marketing/ advertising/architecture field.

Things to do before leaving Dubai:

  1. Draft your will and get an attorney to draft a full power of attorney in the names of your parents or siblings. This will be helpful for the family in legal matters while you in abroad.
  2. If you are married apply for a full and complete copy of your marriage certificate.

In Dubai:

  1. When you arrive in Dubai keep back up money for at least 2 months for your survival such as accommodation fare, taxi fare etc.
  2. Don’t show your desperation for work before the visa expiry and the cash runs out. This will cause you to accept offer with compromise and this can lead to exploitation by the employer.


  1. Take your CV with you in hardcopy as well as in softcopy on the CD.
  2. Try to make your CV brief rather than bulky with contents.
  3. Make it apt for the job profile you are applying for.
  4. Don’t claim false in your CV if you get caught under the law of UAE your contract will be terminated instantly.
  5. Most of the interviews in UAE are arranged by the family or friend circle. In this case you can write down the reference name at the bottom of your CV. This will be helpful in the process of short-list applicants by employer.
  6. Put your current Mobile no. on it.

Do’s and Don’ts In the Interview:

  1. Be punctual and at least 30 minutes early.
  2. Don’t ever tell the employer that you have a poor family to support. This will show that you will not be stable at job because you worry a lot for your personal and home life.
  3. Don’t be emotional and don’t cry this will spoil your interview.
  4. Turn off your mobile phone during interview.
  5. Make sure that your CV is current and have current contact no.
  6. If you are man and the prospective employer is a woman. She may be dressed in the traditional scarf on her head. Don’t give your hand for shake hand until or unless she offers. If you do your interview will end before it starts.

Specific Questions for the Prospective employer:

You can ask the following questions-

  1. About the probation period?
  2. About the salary and perks?
  3. About the project?
  4. About the accommodation?
  5. About the transportation facility provided?
  6. About the flight fare coverage deals for you as well as for spouse and kids?

Salary Negotiations:

  1. Salary packages will vary among employers. It will completely depend on the employers what to include and what not in the package.
  2. Under the law medical coverage will be provided by the employer and it is mandatory at present.
  3. Flight fare facility is not a legal obligation. It is provided for company’s market reputation and will be included in the package.
  4. Always start the salary negotiation high then give some room to the employer and then try to a compromise.
  5. At the end of the contract, sometimes an employee becomes eligible for the gratuity payment from the company. That will be based on net basic salary and perks will not be included.

Things to do after getting a job:

  1. After get a job in Dubai the first thing you will need the bank account. There are several national and international banks providing different packages for new account holder.
  2. Try to open an account in the company’s recommended bank. It will save you from paying fee for electronic transactions.
  3. Get your credit card and cheque book.

The best time to look for Job in Dubai:

The best time to look for job in Dubai is autumn to winter. Avoid the time of Ramadan and mid summer months. 

Because during Ramadan working hours become shorter and during mid summer months people pack up with their family off for a long vacation. 

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