How to Calculate Annual Leave in UAE

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If you are an employee in UAE, you must have a proper knowledge of the number of days that you can take leave from work. The Labour Law provides an in-detail information about how to calculate annual leave in UAE. Let us now look at the steps to do so.

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Leave Salary Entitlement Calculation in UAE

Calculate annual leave in UAE in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Go to Annual Leave page: Firstly, open your phone or desktop and visit your search engine.

  • In the search field, type in the link annual leave to open the Annual Leave page of the Official Portal of UAE in government.
  • Click on the Search button.
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Step 2: Go to Entitlement: After you click on search, a new page opens up. Then scroll down to find an Entitlement subsection.

Then go through the Entitlement subsection.

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Step 3: Check the information and calculate leave: Go through the information in depth to understand how to calculate the leave.

  • After going through it, you can easily calculate your annual leave.
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It is highly to maintain a work/life balance in today's times. We often get carried away in the pressure of work. Therefore, it is important to take a break at times. Therefore we bring this article to you so that you can calculate the annual leave you can take while working in UAE. You just have to follow the above easy steps to do it.


Can I calculate unused leave in UAE?
According to the UAE Labor Law, unused yearly leave will be calculated using the employee's pay at the conclusion of his employment. This also includes the housing, transportation, and other benefits. So, the calculation of any unused annual leave following termination will be based on the full salary, including benefits.

Do they calculate holiday pay in UAE?

If an employee, under compulsion, works on a holiday or while on vacation, he or she will either receive another day of paid time off or they will receive payment for that day at least 50% more than their regular rate of pay.

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Is the calculation of leave salary on basic?

If the termination of an employee occurs through resignation or otherwise the employee is must get reimbursement for the annual leave period even though he/she did not take leave. The determination of payments, at the time of required leave are on the basis of the basic wage.

Is there a new Labour law in UAE 2022?

Both the employer and the employee must agree upon a specific length in order for an employment contract to be valid under the revised law, but "the statute does not establish a cap on that duration." The adjustment will provide stability and make it easier for employers and employees to come to long-term contractual agreements.

How do they calculate leave salary in Dubai?

In the United Arab Emirates, the calculation of yearly leave must be based on full income, which includes the employee's base pay, housing benefits, and any other regular benefits that apply during a typical working month.

This article and the FAQs should be resourceful for you if you want calculate annual leave in UAE. Also, you can find related information about calculating annual leave from this article.

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