How to Terminate Employee in UAE

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An employer may choose to terminate another employee in order to cease the employer-employee relationship. A number of factors, including performance, a better opportunity, the closure of operations, and more, may lead to the termination of an employment relationship. Now let us check out the steps to terminate an employee in UAE.

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Terminate Labour contract in UAE

Terminate an employee in UAE in 2 steps.

Step 1: Go to Terminate employee page: In the very beginning, open your device either phone or desktop.

  • Then visit your search engine and type in the link terminate employee to open the Terminate page.
  • Then click on the Search button.
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Step 2: Check the information: When you click on the Search button, a new page opens up- Terminating employment contracts and arbitrary dismissal.

  • Then go through the information given in that page to know how you can terminate the employment of an employee.
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If you have to terminate an employee for a proper reason, then you must follow a right method. And to do it in the right way, you must read this article and know how to do it.


Can my employer fire me without notice in UAE?

By providing a 30 to 90-day written notice as specified in the contract, either the employer or the employee may terminate a working relationship in accordance with UAE labour legislation. However, if a documented investigation reveals certain infractions, employers may terminate employees without justification.

Is there a termination pay rule in UAE?

In accordance with UAE Labor Law, an employee is entitled to "early termination compensation" of at least three months' income and benefits (or the remainder of the term of the contract if the period remaining is less than three months )

Is there a notice period before firing someone in UAE?

To resign, employees must give 14 days' notice under the new labour law if they are leaving the UAE, and one month's notice if they are leaving to work for another company there.

Is termination better than resignation?

Termination is never preferable to resignation. There is a stigma associated with termination that cannot be removed in one's lifetime. Most businesses do not take terminated employees into account.

Can I stay in UAE after resignation or losing my job?

Once a resident visa is revoked in the UAE, the holder may continue to live there for a grace period of 30 days, starting from the day the visa was revoked. You should leave the nation during this time or modify your status of residence.

What will happen after the termination of an employee in UAE?

An end-of-service gratuity becomes normally due at the conclusion of an employment relationship as a feature of UAE Labour Law. If the employment lasted longer than a year and the employer did not properly terminate the job without notice, the employer must give the employee such severance pay.

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What grounds exist for terminating an employee's employment?

  • Deliberate defiance or extreme transgression.
  • Flagrant and ongoing disregard for duty.
  • Fraud or a willful betrayal of trust.
  • The act of committing a crime or offence.
  • Other related causes.

These FAQs will most probably be of help to you, if you need more information about the procedure of terminating an employee in UAE.

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