How to Check the Emirates ID Status Online

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In the Emirates countries, it is very important to check your Emirates ID status time to time because this ID is connected with your financial and other governmental activities. If your ID got expired then you can’t even do a transaction with your bank account. So, it better to keep an eye on the status of you Emirates ID. Have a look how to check you Emirates ID status-

Steps to check Emirates ID Status

1. Visit official website: Go to the home page emirates govt official online site which is this site will appear in the Arabic language. 

If you don’t know Arabic then at the homepage you will see the option English click on that. After clicking on that the whole site will be converted in English.

emirates id status  

2. Click on ID Card in the menu: Next, you will see the option ID card on the page click on that.

emirates id status  

3. Select ID Number button and enter your ID number: At the next page, you will be directed to the link where you can check your ID card status. At the left of the page, you will see the option check application status.

emirates id status  

Step 4- You can fill the application number or ID number in the given boxes and then click on the option check status.

Step 5- once clicking on that you will see all the details of your application ID at the next page including the expiry date and ID card status.

At the site, you will see all the info about ID card. ID card has the following benefits like-

  • It is more like portable personal data because the card has a chip with it which contains every detail of you.
  • It helps you in case of international standard verification.
  • It can be used for safe and secure e-services.
  • It protects an individual’s identification.
  • It protects from a fraud and theft headache because your data is saved with the government with authentication.


Id card pin is a like an ATM card pin which is activated after you card is being made. It helps to unlock the gateway to reach your information. It is made of 4 digits.

Reactivation of PIN

Suppose your card is locked because of attempting the wrong pin then no issues. Simply visit your nearest registration center and notify there to reactivate your card PIN. Go along with your ID card because in the process of reactivation you will need it.

Strong Point of the ID

The strong point of the card is you have to set 3 steps of authentication. These steps are ID card, PIN code and your fingerprint. With these steps, this ID card becomes safer.


for more queries here is the address of Emirates head office and contacts- Khalifa city 12th Street, near Al Forsan Resort P.O. Box: 47999 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Tel: +971 2 4955555 Fax: +971 2 4955550 Email: So, checking the Emirates ID card status is not a big deal. Anyone can use it very easily.

Check Emirates ID Status (Video)

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