How to Apply for Golden Visa UAE for Nurses

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Professionals will now be eligible for a 10-year "golden visa" from the United Arab Emirates (UAE).They are as engineers, doctors, and Ph. D.s who graduated from universities recognized by the UAE and have GPAs of 3.8 or higher. To keep "bright people and exceptional minds" in the country, this visa came in Let's see how to apply for a golden visa in UAE for Nurses.

Golden Visa UAE for Nurses

Apply for Golden Visa UAE for Nurses in Just 3 Steps

Step 1: Go to the golden visa page: First, open the Google Chrome app. Next type "U.A.E. golden visa page" in the search bar. Click on the search button.  Make sure you are connected with internet.

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Step 2: Tap on the golden visa science option: Once you have opened the page in Google, you will find an option. This is the "Golden Visa (Specialists for Engineers and Science)." Click on it to select. 

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Step 3: Tap on start service: Lastly, tap on the big red color box that says "Start Service." Its position is on the right side of the page.

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Thus, following these instructions, you can easily proceed with the work. Next, you can check the fine in UAE which will help you to understand the fine structure. Now let's look at the following frequently asked questions given below.


Who can submit a golden card application?

Entrepreneurs, top executives, investors, deserving students, and scientists. They are among the five non-resident categories that are eligible to apply for the golden card.

What are the specialty eligibility rules?

  • The candidate may be a professor from any of the top 500 foreign universities recognized by the ministry of education.
  • The applicant may also apply if he or she has received an honorarium or other recognition for their area of expertise.
  • Researchers with a Ph.D. and 20 years of relevant experience who have made significant contributions to their field Candidates with advanced degrees in subjects like science and engineering.

How much does a Golden visa applicant need to make?

You have to have Dhs30,000 for a professional Golden Visa. According to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization classification, they are keeping them in the first or second level under ISCO. The International Labour Organization is doing this. A minimum monthly wage of Dhs30,000 is necessary.

Are nurses qualified for Golden visas in the UAE?

Frontline heroes who put out great effort during emergencies, like the COVID-19 epidemic, may also qualify for the Golden visa. This has to be done with a recommendation from a qualified official. In addition to other cadres vetted by the Frontline Heroes Office, frontline heroes can be nurses, medical assistants, lab technicians, pharmacologists, and other professionals.

How long may I use my golden visa outside of the United Arab Emirates?

Holders of a 10-year golden visa are permitted to leave the UAE for longer than six months without having their status as a resident altered.

These are a few likely questions that you might decide to research. As a result, you will be able to grasp what you are doing clearly. Also, check your Visa validity in UAE.

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