How to Check Covid Test Result Online in UAE

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Getting your covid test result will relieve you of a lot of tension. You can easily check your result sitting in the comfort of your home from the DHA app. Knowing your condition is very essential since you take precautions if you test positive. To, stop the deadly virus from spreading to other people you should get the test done, even if you have a minor symptom as well. You need to safely travel to Dubai.  Hence, let's look at the steps on how to check covid test result online in UAE.

Print Covid-19 test result in Dubai from DHA

Check Covid Test Result Online in UAE in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Open the play store app: First, you need to open your Play Store app on your mobile device. It is an inbuilt app that is always there on the mobile.

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Step 2: Install the DHA app: Secondly, once you open the play store app on the search bar, search for the DHA app.

  • When the app opens tap on the “Install” tab in green.
  • It will take some time for the app to get installed. Hence, you need to wait for a bit.
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Step 3: Open the app: Once, the DHA app gets installed the “Open” option will come. Tap on the open option to open the app.

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Step 4: Tap on the add icon: Once, the app opens you will see the main page of the app that will come up.

  • You will find a "+" icon in the bottom right corner. It is the add icon.
  • Tap on it.
Image Titled  check covid test result online in UAE Step 4

Step 5: Tap on view COVID-19 results: Once, you click on the "+" icon you will find a menu of three options will come up.

Tap on the last option which is "View COVID-19 Test Results".

Lastly, your covid test result will display.

Image Titled  check covid test result online in UAE Step 5

Don't waste any further time and follow the steps above to check your Covid test result online.


How long does it take for UAE PCR test results?

The results of the test are available 36-48 hours following the test. If you need your PCR test for travel, you need to allow plenty of time to obtain your results.

How long will a positive PCR test last?

PCR-based tests are typically carried out in a laboratory. They are usually the most reliable tests for those who have or do not have symptoms. These tests identify viral genetic material, which can remain in your body for up to 90 days following a positive test result.

Is there an RT PCR test available at Dubai Airport?

All visitors to Dubai no longer needed to provide a COVID-19 immunization certificate or to undergo PCR testing. Passengers traveling from or via Dubai must solely follow the transit and travel regulations for their final destination.

How much does a fast PCR test cost in Dubai?

A covid test costs AED 65 at Medcare Hospital Sharjah and AED 150 at all other Medicare Hospitals and Medical Centres.

Is the fast test superior to the PCR?

The fast test cannot detect little levels of the virus or asymptomatic patients as precisely as the PCR test.  The quick test is less accurate and has a higher likelihood of failure. You can also get a health card in Qatar.

The above FAQs have information regarding how much it costs to do a COVID test and a lot of other information. Hence, read the faqs correctly.

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