How to Check UAE Visa Status

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Instead of visiting Immigration Department for inquiry of Visa Now UAE government launch the online portal to check UAE visa status setting at home. General directory of residence & foreign affairs (GDRF) is the official website of UAE government to check visa related issues and much more. Follow a step by step guide to check UAE visa status. 

Step 1: Visit GDFR official website. UAE visa status   Step 2: Click on “Query GDRFA-D App” options in top right corner of the website. uae visa status   Step 3: Go to “select services to inquire options”. There are five options “Entry permit validity”, “Residence validity”, “eDNRD application”, “eForm Application”, “Residence application status”. 

Select as per your requirement. For visa inquiry select Residence validity. uae-visa-status   Step 4: Fill year of your visa submission and file number. Check your visa for these details. uae-visa-status   Step 5: write only first name in small latter. for example, my name is Aman winser. I will write their only aman. uae-visa-status   Step 6: Next option selects your Gender male or female. uae-visa-status   Step 7: Enter Date of birth. Make sure format should be matched as per suggestion. Date-month-year, For example, it will look like 12-Sep-17.  

See small calendar icon on the right-hand side, click on that and select date from calender, it will generate correct format for you. uae-visa-status   Step 8: Select your nationality from given drop-down list. uae-visa-status   Step 9: Last step is to fill the captcha form. Simply enter above given code in below form. uae-visa-status   Step 10: Click on submit button. uae-visa-status   Step 11: Once you click on submit button one new page will open on the same page that will contain all your visa related details. uae-visa-status

How to check your UAE visa status with your passport number

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