How to Check Visa Expiry Date in UAE

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If you want to check visa expiry date in UAE then you must know that through its website, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship offers this service. A resident can enter passport information to check whether the issued visa is real and to see if it is still valid. By using this official government website, residents can also check your visa expiry date in UAE.

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How to check visit visa expiry date

Check visa expiry date in UAE in 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Go to Visa expiry date page: The very first step is to open you device.

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Step 2: Go to visa validity: When you click on Search a new page comes up.

  • Then spot a list of options in the left side your screen.
  • Choose the second option, which is, Check visa validity.
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Step 3: Tap on check your visa validity: Then go through the first option.

  • Check out the link in the first option saying check your visa validity.
  • Click on the link.
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Step 4: Enter the details: Locate the File Type subsection.

  • Enter the details under the File Type subsection.
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Step 5: Tap on search: Once you have entered all the details, look for the blue Search button.

  • Click on the Search button.
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You need your passport information to check the validity of your UAE visa, but you might not always have it with you. The best course of action is to always have a photocopy of your passport in your wallet or a scanned copy in your phone. By doing so, you can check the validity of your residency permit for the UAE whenever you like.


How can I check my UAE visa status with passport no.?

If you need to check your UAE visa status with passport no, just follow the next steps:

  • You must go to in the first place.
  • After that, enter the "Request Number" and click "Track Your Application Status."
  • Click Search after entering your Request Number.

Is it possible to check whether my visa is original or fake?

To check whether your visa is fake or original, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Check out
  • Visit "General Inquiry"
  • Then enter the following information: Name, nationality, date of birth, and visa number.
  • Continue to provide your information.

What is the meaning of visa reference number?

The top left-hand corner of your most recent visa, entry permit, or extension of stay label attached to your travel document, or the top of your most recent "e-Visa," will display your visa reference number.

What to do to check my overtime fine in Dubai?

If the nature of the assignment requires the employee to work longer than normal, they should receive remuneration equivalent to the standard working hours' pay (which is based on a baseline wage) plus 25% of that pay. If overtime is worked from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m., the rate might increase to 50%.

Here's how you can check your Qatar ID status.

What is a visa grant number?

Your ImmiAccount or other correspondence you receive from the Department will contain the visa grant number. To get your visa grant number over the phone, you can also call our support centre.

These FAQs will hopefully help to understand more about the visa expiry date and you can gather a lot more information related topics.

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