How to Schedule Rides in Uber

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Urban commuters rely on taxis, buses, and other forms of transportation for their daily rides. Uber Technologies provides an efficient alternative to facilitate mobility of commuters in large cities around the world. The Uber App is a rich and effective mobile application that facilities quick rides as well as scheduled rides. 

Uber App enriches the ride selection experience of commuters by providing a simple and well-designed interface.  Select your pick up and destination locations on the mobile phone and track the entire ride from that moment onwards. scheduled rides uber Uber allows the registered customers to book a ride 15 minutes to 30 days in advance. 

All you need to know is how to use the Uber mobile app's rich features pertaining to scheduled rides. Uber facilitates a flexible and friendly scheduling option to ensure hassle free ride for all the commuters.

How Does Scheduled Rides Uber Work

  • Customers who want to reach their destination on time can opt for scheduled rides.
  • Uber allows a pickup request up to 30 days in advance with 15 minutes of window time.
  • The suitable driver is selected and he arrives at your door step on the scheduled date at the specified time.
  • Be prepared and enjoy a comfortable ride from your home to the airport, party venue, tourist spot, or other desired location.

Check Scheduled Rides Uber

  • Uber provides the schedule rides feature in all the major cities of the World.
  • The feature is being expanded to cover every city in all the countries where Uber operates its services.
  • If you are a registered user, Uber would have already texted you a message of the availability of service in your city.
  • Otherwise, You can always log in to your account, and check the latest information and confirm the updated list of cities with scheduled rides.

How To Schedule A Ride 30 Days In Advance

Whether you want to beat the traffic rush or avoid waiting for taxi, The best alternative is scheduled rides. Uber advises the riders to schedule a ride 30 days in advance using the following sequence of steps-

  1. New users have to download the latest Uber App to their Smart phone or Android device.
  2. Register afresh or login into your personal account with the password.
  3. Locate the 'Where To?" bar and tap the car icon with a clock on its right.
  4. Choose the date and provide the 15-minutes window for the driver.
  5. After that, You have to tap the 'Set Pickup Time' option.
  6. The Uber app automatically sets the pickup location to your current location.
  7. You can also edit the pickup location by tapping the 'Current Location' link.
  8. Set the new destination, ride type, and check the fair estimate.
  9. Finally, Confirm the upcoming trips details and tap 'Schedule'.
  10. Stay in touch with Uber through the App for updates and policy changes.

Scheduled Rides Uber Cancellations

  • The commuter has a lot of flexibility with the new feature related to scheduled rides. Uber provides the option to change or modify the schedule details or cancel the whole ride in advance. The following 3 steps are required to modify or cancel the scheduled ride-
  • Open the Uber App and select the 'Your Trips' option in the menu.
  • After that, You have to choose the 'Upcoming' option and tap it
  • Select 'Edit Time' or 'Cancel Ride' for modifications or cancellations.

Scheduled Rides Uber Costs

  • The commuter is offered a dynamic fare estimate for scheduled rides.
  • Uber scheduled ride prices are exactly the same as normal Uber rides.
  • The ride fares with Uber are subject to changes due to market demands.
  • If dynamic prices are effective during the scheduled dates, The rider can expect reminders from Uber.
  • The push notification of the Uber App specifies the updated fair estimates of the scheduled rides.

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