How To Contact Uber Customer Service

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You can contact Uber customer care in case you have any issues or concerns with your trips on Uber. You can reach their customer care and register your complaint or query on the Uber app itself. Follow the steps mentioned in this article and you can reach Uber's customer care team easily.

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Steps to Contact Uber customer care

1. Launch Uber Application: On your smartphone device, you will have to open the Uber application. Tap on the black colored 'Uber' app icon to open the Uber app. Uber Customer Care

2. Tap on horizontal lines: Now, the home page of the Uber application will open. Here, on the top left portion of the screen, you will see the black horizontal lines. Tap on these lines to contact Uber customer care.

Uber Customer Care

3. Select 'Help' option: The app will now show you several options like 'your trips', 'payment' and 'free rides'. Since you wish to reach out to Uber's customer care, tap on 'Help'. Uber Customer Care

4. Select topic: Under the 'Help' section, you will see various options. Select the option according to the issue you are facing. For example, if you have an issue regarding the trip payment, tap on 'Account and Payment options'. You can get your issue solved here. Uber Customer Care

5. Select your issue: Next, you will see frequently encountered problems by Uber's customers. Select the appropriate option to solve your issue. Suppose the bill for your last Uber ride has an unknown or unexplained charge, tap on 'I have an unknown charge'. By doing this, you can contact Uber's customer care for your issue. Uber Customer Care

6. Choose unknown charge type: Here, the Uber app will show you the various types of problems under the unknown charge section. In your case, if there is a pending charge on your payment account, tap on the first option. In case you have a duplicate charge in your Uber bill receipt, tap on 'I have a duplicate charge' option.

Uber Customer Care

7. Enter charge amount: After selecting your charge type, you will have to enter the amount of duplicate charge in your Uber bill. After mentioning the amount, register your query on the Uber app. Uber's customer care will get in touch with you. Uber Customer Care

Thus, by following this article, you can reach to Uber's customer care easily on the Uber app itself. Their customer care team will reach out to you in a short while.

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