How to Delete Uber Driver Account

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Uber is a platform where you can get yourself comfortable rides at cheaper rates with the Uber app in your smartphones. Uber apps connects the driver-partner and riders with one another.

The driver have their own Uber driver account with which they can make money easily whenever they want by helping people to reach places.

Uber gives their drivers opportunity to earn money by offering services to the passenger whenever they want. It is like the passenger version of Uber app in which the maps and directions are clearly displayed on the screen.

The driver and partners can give services to their various cities according to their flexibility of work.

The Uber drivers and partners can deactivate their Uber account whenever they want, by sending a request to delete the account with correct and acceptable reasons.

The accounts will get deactivated as soon as the request is accepted and the account will be deleted after 30 days or 1 month.

Here we are providing you two ways by which you can delete your Uber driver account -
1. Deleting Uber Driver account with app
2. Deleting Uber Driver account using the website

First we will see the first method which is

“Deleting Uber Account with App”

Follow these simple steps on your Smartphone to get your account deleted easily.
1. Open your Uber app: First, click on the Uber app on your smartphone.
2. Login: See to it that you are login to your account.
3. Fill login details: If you are not logged in to your account open your account by filling the necessary details.
4. Click on the top left: Now click on the three horizontal lines that will be on the top left corner of the screen.
5. List will open: Some 4-5 options will appear on the screen.
6. Click on Help: At the bottom there will be Help, now click on the Help option.
7. More options will appear: Once you click the Help button some more options will appear.
8. Click on ' Account and Payment' Option: Click on the option and some more list of option will appear.
9. Click on 'Account settings and Ratings': Now click on this option and proceed further.
10. Click on ' Delete my Uber account ': After you do the previous step some options will appear, Select ' Delete my Uber account '.
11. Click on yes: Uber will ask you for the confirmation if you are sure, click on yes.
12. Share details feild: Write the details why you want to delete your account in the Share details feild.
13. Tap on Submit: Once you are done with all, there will be submit button click on that.
14. Account is deactivated: As soon as you click on Submit button, the account gets deactivated.
To be Noted : The account will get deactivated immediately, Uber takes 30 days or 1 month to permanently delete the account.

Now here proceeding to the second way or method to

‘Delete Uber is Using the Website’

Uber also provides you option to delete the Uber Driver account by using their Website, now follow these simple steps to Delete your Uber account which are as follows :
1. Open the Official website: Click on the official website of Uber which is
2. Sign In: There will be a sign in option at the top right of the screen, click on that to log in.
3. Click on help: Now on the homepage , there will be Help option available, click on that to proceed further.
4. Select For Driver Option: On the left side of the page there will be a For driver option, click on that.
5. Select More: Go to the bottom and select the Option more below the Account and Payment option.
6. Click on Delete my Uber Account: Now when you will reach the next page, go to the bottom, there you will find ' Delete my Uber account' click on that.
7. Click yes: Uber will ask you for confirmation if you are sure and want to delete your Uber driver account, click on yes.
8. Feedback: Now fill your details why you want to delete your Uber account in Share details feild.
9. Your account is deactivated.
To be noted: Your account will get deactivated as soon as you fill the details and submit it to Uber but it will take around 30 days or 1 month to get deleted.

Here we are answering the few frequently asked questions by the users :
Q. How can I add a driver to my Uber Account?
A. It is very simple to add a driver to your account. You can do that by simply following these steps –
1. Go to the Driver tab from the Menu.
2. Click in the add driver button
3. And fill the necessary details, and you are done.
To be noted: If you want to add a driver he must have their Uber account and should fulfil the requirement of the driver.
Q. How can I change my phone number with Uber?
A. You can simply go to the menu on the top left side of the screen. Now go to settings and then go to edit my account, this way you will be able to edit the information you give to Uber and can also change your Number.

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