How to Check Uber Ratings Given by Driver

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Need to check Uber ratings given by driver? Yes, This feature is there in Uber App. Let’s explore how to check Uber ratings in a step by step manner. Whenever we get to travel in cabs we can rate the cab driver but an interesting fact is that we can have the passenger ratings too.

  • This concept is very useful for maintaining history of passenger to driver behavior.
  • What driver would have felt about you after the ride can be easily known with this Uber passenger rating option.
  • So let's explore on how to check Uber passenger ratings.

How To Check Your Uber Rating | New Uber app

Easy steps to Check Uber rating given by the driver:

1. Open Uber App : If you want to check Uber rating given by the driver, you will have to open the Uber app. Open the Uber App in your phone by tapping the Uber Icon. uber passenger rating

2. Tap on Menu Icon: Once you open the Uber App you will be able to see the 3 line symbol or Menu Icon on your left most corner of the screen. This is where you will be able to check Uber passenger ratings. Just tap on the Menu Icon and you will be taken to the rating screen. uber passenger rating

3. Find the passenger ratings: Once you tap on the Menu Icon you will immediately be able to see the rating given by the driver. As shown in the below image the passenger has got a rating of 4.54 * on an average.

  • Passenger will be able to see the rating that they have got from the driver which will be displayed just below their name.
  • In your phone, average ratings of you travel would appear underneath your name.

uber passenger rating

Uber passenger rating is a unique concept we must appreciate for.

  • Drivers can rate passengers on a scale of 1 to 5 stars.
  • Passenger will be able to see the average rating of their travels.
  • This feature will enable good driver to passenger rapport and vice versa.

Some times passenger also would like to know what driver would have thought about him or her which will be helpful for the next drive for both the passenger and the driver.

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