How to Order from Uber Eats for Someone else?

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In today’s digital world, you can send everything to your loved ones, family friends on their location. You can order any food item for someone else on its particular location. You can make payment as well or if you want that person to pay then you can do this also. Let’s learn how you can order from Uber Eats for someone else.

Uber eats order picked up by someone else

Steps to order from Uber Eats for someone else

  1. Open ‘Uber Eats’ app: Open Uber Eats app which is available on both platforms Android and IOS.
  2. Select the location: Now you will see current location option but don’t choose this option because you are ordering for someone else. Tap on ‘enter a new address, option at the top.
  3. Type your address: Now type the complete address of your friend for whom you want to order.
  4. Choose your restaurant: You will see the list of many restaurants nearest to the address.
  5. Search in category if you want: You can choose your favorite food category in search option which is at the bottom corner.
  6. Open the restaurant: Scroll down and see all the restaurants. Pick your restaurant. Tap on it to see the food items.
  7. Tap on ‘menu’ option: Now tap on the menu option in the starting. Scroll down to see all the food items they have in their menu.
  8. Tap on the food item: Now tap on the food item you want to add for order.
  9. Complete the details: You will see the food item details. You can select the quantity in the end selecting the number. If you want to add something extra then you can see such options like salad, chutney etc. select it if you need.
  10. Add your food to basket: Now you will see the green box at bottom with your food’s payment. Tap on it to confirm it.
  11. Select other food items: You will be back again to the restaurant page. Select other items and add in the basket.
  12. Tap ‘view basket’ option: Now tap on ‘view basket’ option at the bottom.
  13. Do changes if you want: If you want to change something in order, then tap on the particular food item and change it. You can remove the food from your order.
  14. Tap ‘begin checkout’: You can see the details of your order with payment. Tap on ‘begin checkout’ option at the bottom to start the payment option.
  15. Tap on ‘add payment: Tap on the option ‘add payment’ to start the payment process.
  16. Choose your payment option: You can choose your option. You are ordering for someone else so don’t select the cash on delivery option.
  17. Make the payment: Now complete your payment. When you do it, your order automatically placed.

Now you can track your order. Uber Eats will send you the notification regarding the order. That’ how you can order from Uber eats for someone else.

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