How to Pay for Uber after the Ride

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Paying for Uber after the ride is a simple process with very few steps as shown below. Uber provides multiple payment options for the passenger. Payment options can be through Cash, Paytm, VISA or other payment modes available. Follow the below-mentioned steps to pay for Uber after the Ride.

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How to Pay for Uber after the Ride:

1. Locate Uber App: As shown in the image below locate the Uber App in your phone. Once you locate the App click on the Uber Icon as highlighted with arrow below. Pay for Uber

2. Find the payment options: Uber App will show you the outstanding payment due for the last trip you had with Uber. It will also show you the amount payable by you. Click on "view payment options" as shown by the arrow symbol in the below image. Pay for Uber

3. Payment Mode Selection: As shown in the below image you will have multiple payment options to pay for the ride you had taken with Uber. As shown below, you can pay through UPI, VISA, Paytm or Cash payment to the driver and so on. You can click on “Other payment” to pay through other modes of payment.

Pay for Uber

4. Find the amount: Uber App will now show you the amount payable for the last ride. As mentioned below it will show you the amount for your ride. You can also add money if your account is running short of money.

Pay for Uber

5. Get the amount confirmed: Once you get the amount confirmed, you can proceed with the payment as shown by the arrow mark in the image below. You need to click on “NEXT”. Pay for Uber

6. Make the payment: You can choose the payment options available and make the payment. As shown in the image below you can select the option ”VISA”, if you want to pay through VISA and proceed for the payment.

Pay for Uber

Payment options have been made very easy with Uber Rides. You can choose among multiple payment options available and make the payment. You can pay through cash also. Uber has the payment modes which are very user-friendly and most convenient.

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