How to delete Uber Account

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Uber Account can be deleted if you are no longer in the need of the account due to any reasons. Once the account gets deleted, all the data associated with your Uber account is lost. You will no longer be able to access the Uber account using your credentials. Your account will be permanently deactivated. If you just delete the Uber app from your phone, Uber account still remains active.

So, you will have to delete the Uber account to complete your boycott. Below are the simple steps which will get you through Uber account deletion in a proper way.

How to Delete Uber Account Very Easily & Quickly

Steps to delete the Uber Account:

1. Locate the Uber App: Locate the Uber app in your phone. You will be able to see the Icon shown below, if Uber app is installed on your phone. As depicted in the image, just tap on the Uber App Icon. delete uber account

2. Click on Hamburger Symbol: Click on the 3 line or hamburger symbol as pointed by red arrow in the below image. You will be able to see multiple options on the list. delete uber account

3. Select settings: You will be able to see the options as shown in the image below. Among the options available, click on settings, as pointed by the arrow. delete uber account

4. Click on Privacy: As shown in the image below, Click on the option, “Privacy “. It will allow you to manage the data, that you have shared with Uber. delete uber account

5. Delete your account: Once you select Privacy, it will take you to the page as shown below. In this screen, you will have an option to delete your account. So, as pointed by the red arrow symbol click on the option ”Delete your Account” delete uber account

6. Verify the password: Once you click on Delete your Account option, it will ask you for the password. If you don’t remember the password, click on" I forgot my password" option as shown below to retrieve the password.

delete uber account

7. Click on Continue: Once you enter the proper password, You can click on the option “ CONTINUE”, as shown in the below image. Your account deletion will continue without any further confirmation. delete uber account  

Just follow the above-mentioned steps if you want to delete the Uber Account. If you are no longer willing to use the Uber service you can get your account deleted. Please note that just by deleting the App from your phone Uber account does not get deactivated. So, you need to follow the above-mentioned steps to delete your Uber account.

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