How to Get Free Uber Rides

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Uber has launched a new program that allows users to get free rides on their platform. The program works by getting existing users to persuade their friends and family to sign up with Uber, using their personal invite code. When friends signs up, they will get a free ride. Once he or she has completed the first ride, the old user also gets a free ride. In order to get your free Uber ride, just follow this easy step-by-step guide.

Steps to get free ride on Uber

1. Open the Uber app: First, on your smartphone device, open the applications tray. Tap on the black color logo of the official Uber app, with ‘Uber’ written in white font. Your Uber application will now open.

get free uber rides

2. Tap on horizontal lines: Now, you will see the home page of the official Uber app. On the top left corner, you will see three black colored horizontal lines. Tap on these horizontal lines to start your request for giving a free Uber ride to your friends. get free uber rides

3. Select ‘Free rides’: After you tap on the horizontal lines, you will see a menu open on the left side of the phone screen. Here, you will see a number of options to select from. Select the ‘Free Rides’ option to give your friends a free ride from Uber. get free uber rides

4. Share invite code: Next, you will see an invite code on the screen, based on your Uber account name. You must share this invite code to your friends for giving your friends and family a free ride, worth up to Rs. 25. Tap on the three black dots on the right side to start sharing your invite code.

get free uber rides

5. Select sharing app: The Uber app will now ask for your permission to share your code on the apps from your phone. Select the app through which you want to share your code for a free ride. For example, if you want to send your code through WhatsApp, tap the green colored WhatsApp icon.

get free uber rides

6. Select contacts: After you have selected WhatsApp, you will have to select the contacts on your phone with whom you want to share your free ride. Tap on all the desired contacts on your device.

get free uber rides

7. Send your invite: Now that you have selected all the persons with whom you wish to share your code, tap on the green ‘Send’ button on the bottom right.

get free uber rides

8. Invite Code sent: If you have followed the above steps properly, you have successfully invited your friends for a free ride. When your friends sign up with Uber, their first ride on Uber will be free. After they have completed their first ride on Uber, you will also get a free ride.

get free uber rides

Go get your ride now!:

Uber has launched this free ride program to get more and more users on its ride sharing platform. Since Uber is a hassle-free way to move through traffic in cities, make use of their free ride program.

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