How to Reactivate Disabled Uber Account

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If you have disabled Uber account, you can reactivate again. Sometimes, Uber also deactivate the account for some reasons. You can get access to the Uber, when you reactivate the account again. Reactivating process is quite lengthy.

Let’s learn how you can reactivate your disabled Uber account.

How to Get Your Uber Driver Account Reactivated AFTER Deactivation.

Steps to reactivate disabled Uber account

If you do this process on your mobile app, Uber will start with the phone number. Uber has changed the system in app. Now you don’t need an Email ID to make a new account. You can make new account on Uber with simple phone number.

You can start your reactivation process with your desktop or phone browser. You need help of the browser version.

Let’s see these steps to reactivate your disabled Uber account.

  1. Open the browser: Open your preferred browser on the desktop.
  2. Open Uber: Open the website of Uber and click on ‘sign up’.
  3. Enter your full name: Now enter your name in the first box of the sign-up form.
  4. Enter your phone number: Now enter your same number there.
  5. Enter Mail ID: Enter the mail ID for your Uber account.
  6. Enter the password: Now enter your password and click on ‘sign up’ option.
  7. Open Uber app: Now open Uber app in your phone.
  8. Log into your account: Log in to your Uber account with the same number.
  9. Avoid the OTP: Now Uber will send you an OTP code on that number but you don’t need to confirm it.
  10. Tap on ‘forget the password’: Now tap on ‘forget the password’ option.
  11. Open your Email id: Now open your mail app. Uber will send you a mail to reset your password.
  12. Check the mail: See the mail, Uber have sent you. Find it in spam folder if you don’t see in inbox.
  13. Tap on the link: In the mail, you will see a link in the middle or down. Tap on the link.
  14. Reset your password: Now enter your new password and confirm it.
  15. Open the app: Open your Uber app and complete the login.
  16. Tap on the three bar menu: Tap on the three bar menu which is in top left corner in your app.
  17. Tap on ‘settings’: Now you can see several options in main menu. Tap on the ‘settings’ at the bottom of the menu.
  18. Tap your current number and name: On the top of the app screen, you can see your name and your phone number. Tap there to edit the details.
  19. Type your number: You will see your phone number in the center. Tap on it and type your number.
  20. Check your OTP: Uber will send you OTP on your new phone number. Check it in your phone number.
  21. Enter the code: Enter your OTP code in the box. Your new number is set on your account.

Now you have set up your number on your Uber account. That’s how you can reactivate your disabled Uber account with your same number.

How to reactivate disabled Uber account with Uber help, if Uber deactivated your account

If your account has been deactivated by Uber, then you can directly take help from them. In this case, you need some simple steps to reactivate your account.

  1. Open Uber: Open your browser and visit the website – ‘’.
  2. Click on ‘accounts and payments’ option: Now you see some sections there. Open ‘accounts and payments’ option.
  3. Click on ‘I can’t sign in to my account’: Now choose the option ‘I can’t sign in to my account’ to start the process.
  4. Complete the form: Now you will see a form on the new page, where you need to fill out these things:
    • Your full name should be added there.
    • Enter your phone number.
    • Describe two recent trips by Uber. Here, you need to mentioned about your last 2 trips. You can share the details related to the ride. You can mention the pickup address and desired address in it. You can share everything you remember about your trip.
    • Enter the Email address for Uber account.
    • Now share the details about your account. Write about the deactivating account.
    • Enter your Email address again.
    • Click on ‘submit’ option in the end.
  5. Wait from Uber: When you have submitted the form, Uber will review your Uber account. They will send you the confirmation after the review on your mail. Stay updated with your mail. Your account will be activated in few days.

If you don’t share your details completely in the form, your account cannot be activated. Try to mention everything there that Uber can pick your views strong. Uber starts the account after the reactivation form.

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