How to Install and Sign Up Uber App

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Did you already install Uber app? And now you want to know how to sign up Uber app. To sign up you just need to enter some information regarding you, which is certainly not tough to do. This ridesharing app is a platform to connect commuter to driver.

It’s provide flexible way to book a cab and to understand this simple app. Uber is always available for you everywhere and anywhere!

Uber is a free application that available online to download, for both operating system users (Android and IOS); for Google play store (Android) and App store for IOS.

We are here going to explain how to sign up for an Uber account.

How to sign up for an Uber account

  1. First open your internet and click on Uber app icon.
  2. The first thing need for sign up is your contact number. You have to enter your mobile number so that you can receive 4-digit One Time Password to processed further.

Note: you can also sign up with your social network accounts such as Facebook and Gmail ID.

  1. After you successfully entered the contact number, you’ll receive OTP, then enter your 4-digit code under 15 second to go further.

Note: in case you didn’t get a code, click on “resend code” option or recheck the contact number you insert.

  1. Now enter your email address to get your account related information, such as password related information, for offers, and etc.
  2. Be attentive! Enter a password which should be strong. Don’t use common and easy words. Make complex password such as OPinzx_679@oe.
  3. Before clicking “sign up”, read term and privacy policy carefully.
  4. Now the app will ask permission to enable notifications services (alerts, sounds and icon badges). It’s your decision to allow or don’t allow.
  5. You can also add payment method such as credit or debit card, Paytm, cash, and Uber gift card.

Note: Be alert! Never share your payment related information to anyone.

  1. Click three horizontal lines on the left top- corner to add home or work address to save your time.

So after reading this whole article, you know how to sign up and install Uber app.

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