How to Install and Sign Up Uber App

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Installation of Uber and Signing up Uber App is essential if you want to book an Uber ride. Below are the simple steps which clearly depicts, how to sign up and use the Uber App for the hassle-free ride. Uber provides most convenient and safe ride for all. Once you sign up you can use your Uber App to book the Uber service using your account. So, follow the below-mentioned steps to install and Signup the Uber App.

How to Download Uber & Sign Up for an Account

Simple steps to Install and Sign Up Uber App:

1. Install Uber App: You will have to install Uber, if you want to sign up Uber app. Down load the Uber App from play store and click on “INSTALL” as shown by the arrow mark in the below image. The Uber app gets installed in your phone.  Install and Sign Up Uber App

2. Open the Uber App: Open the Uber App, after it gets installed. Click on “OPEN”, as shown in the image below. The Uber App gets opened .So, the App will now allow you to sign up .  Install and Sign Up Uber App

3. Enter the Phone number: Once you open the Uber App, it will ask you to enter the mobile number. Once you enter the mobile number, as a part of verification process, Uber will send you the OTP or a 4-digit code on the mobile number that you have entered.  Install and Sign Up Uber App

4. Enter the Code: Verification code will be sent to the mobile number. Verification code will be a 4-digit number. Once you receive the number enter the code number in the respective field as shown by the arrow in the below image.

 Install and Sign Up Uber App

5. Book the ride: Once the sign-up process gets completed, you can book the ride. As shown in the image below image. You need to enter pick up and drop location details and get the ride confirmed.    Install and Sign Up Uber App

Uber provides the best outstation and local cab service at very reasonable rates. You can enjoy the uber ride by signing up Uber App with very few simple and easy to follow steps as mentioned above. Uber ride is very much secured for the driver as well as for the passenger too. Uber provides shared rides which comes very easy on pocket. So, lets Sign up Uber App and enjoy the ride.

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