How to Book Uber Cab by App

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Now there is no need to hustle, and wait for bus or taxi for hours! Uber app is providing you the fastest way to book your next ride by using his app. Uber cab is the best way to say goodbye to unrestful journey and say hi to your new companion.

Uber app is not challenging to use and it doesn’t need any technical skills. You can book Uber cab by app easily. Uber is 24/7 available for you even in late nights when there is no way to get any public transport or taxi.

It is available in more than 600 cities worldwide. Uber offers you variety of options according to your preference; whether you want to travel with your throng of friends or single.

It also shows you the uber fare estimate of your ride before booking the cab. Now, here we are going to explain some steps to book Uber cab by app

how to book uber cab step by step | New | 2021

Book Uber Cab Through Using Mobile App

  1. Uber app is available for both Android and OS users in Google Play Store, you have just to enter “Uber cab” in the search panel.
  1. Now open your installed Uber app in your smartphone and open your GPS to allow the app to detect your location.
  1. Enters your picked up location (if the GPS didn’t detect your location accurately) and your drop-off address.
  1. After all of this the app will show you the choices of rides you want to travel. Which consists two options; Economy and Premium.
  1. The first option Economy is very popular and pocket- friendly, the cab consists in this option are UberPOOL, UberX, UberSELECT, PREMIERE AND MORE. Where Premium will provide you luxury and pleasure with this diverse cab options UberBLACK, UberSUV, UberLUXURY and etc.
  1. In plethora of Uber ride choices the most popular rides are UberPOOL (pocket-friendly) and UberGO.
  1. Now confirm your booking by select Request UberXL or Request UberPOOL and more and then Click on “confirm pick-up.” Then based on your location the app will show you the cab around you and in a few seconds and then it’ll show you the name and picture of your driver. And now you’re ready to ride.

Note: if after booking a cab you see that the address you entered was not correct and you want to cancel your ride. Then, in this case, Uber provides an option “cancel trip”, but this will cost you some cancellation charge on your next ride.

  1. After your trip is complete, the Uber app will show your total fare.
  1. You can pay your ride cost through cash, credit or debit card, Android pay, gift card and more.
  1. Before leaving the cab always rate your driver to help Uber to improve your experience more.

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