How to Download Uber Receipt

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Whenever you take a ride with Uber, you get an Uber receipt to your mailbox after your ride is complete. It is very important for people who want it for business or work purposes. Due to some reasons, you may not get it. What to do then? How can you get your Uber receipts?

So if you are one of those people who has not got any Uber receipt, you can just check this out and know how you can do it.
There are two ways you can do it:
• Using app
• Using Website

How to get Uber Receipt using App

1. Open the Uber app: First of all, open the Uber app on your smartphone.
2. Click on Menu: Now click on the Menu option which is at the top left corner of the screen.
3. Click on 'Your trips': Now a list of options will appear, Click on Your trips.
4. Select any past trip: Once you click on your trips, all your past trips will appear on the screen. Choose whichever trip you want.
5. Check details: You can even check the trip’s route, destination, pickup location easily with this.
6. Now tap 'Receipt': Now to check more details click on Receipt.
Now you can get your Receipts easily anywhere, anytime. Here is one more method you can get you Uber Receipts.

How to get an Uber Receipt using Website

1. Open Uber Website: First of all, open the official Uber website on your laptop/PC.
2. Sign In: Now sign in to your account by filling necessary details.
3. Click on Menu: There you will find a menu option on the screen, click on that.
4. Choose 'My trips': Now list of options will appear, click on my trips.
5. Select 'your trip': Click any trip you want to check.
6. Tap on details: Now to know the details of the trip, click on details.
7. Click on 'Resend Receipts': Once you click on details, there will be option Resend Receipts. Click on that.
Now you can check your mailbox, you'll receive your Uber Receipt there.

After following the above steps if you are not getting your receipts, there may be chances that you have not updated your email. For that, you can follow these steps and update your email.

1. Log in: First log in to your account.
2. Go to Menu: Now click on the top left corner on the screen.
3. Go to Settings: Now some options will appear, click on Settings.
4. Click on your name, at the top: Now to edit, click on your name it will take you to your editing screen.
5. Edit and Update: There you can easily edit your email.

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