How to Get Uber Receipt

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The Uber receipt gives you the complete cost breakdown of all trips you have taken on the Uber app in the past. Uber receipt is available on the Uber app itself. Having a receipt gives you a chance to keep a record of your expenses. If you are looking to get Uber receipt for your trip, just follow the steps given in this article.

How to get your Uber Trip receipt or invoice

Steps to get Uber receipt:

1. Open the Uber app: To begin, open the Uber application on your mobile device. Tap on the black coloured Uber icon for launching the Uber app. Get Uber Receipt

2. Tap on horizontal lines: The home page of the Uber application will now open. On the top left corner of the screen, you will see three horizontal lines. Tap on these horizontal lines to see your Uber receipt. Get Uber Receipt

3. Tap on ‘Your Trips’: Now, the app will show you several options on the left side of the screen. Here, you must tap on ‘Your Trips’ to obtain your receipt. Get Uber Receipt

4. Select required trip: The app will show all your past trips with Uber and your upcoming trips. Under the ‘Past Trips’ list, select the trip for which you desire to see the receipt. The date and time of the trip, vehicle hired and amount paid for the trip will be visible here.

Get Uber Receipt

5. Tap on ‘Receipt’: After selecting the trip, you will see two sections: ‘Help’ and ‘Receipt’. Tap on ‘Receipt’ to get your receipt for that particular trip. Get Uber Receipt

6. View receipt details: Under the ‘Receipt’ section, you will see the receipt details of the trip. The app will show you the complete fare breakdown of the trip. The total cost of the trip is also mentioned in the trip receipt.

Get Uber Receipt

The Uber receipt is useful for people who wish to keep a record of their trips and expenses. The receipt is also of great help in claiming the trip costs from their employers. This guide will easily help you to get Uber receipt on your Uber app itself.

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