How to Give Driver Feedback in Uber App

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Uber Driver feedback is essential for the passenger as well as for the driver. It will allow the driver to have disciplined driving and also they can improve upon few things if they find the ratings given by the passenger is not satisfactory. Hence driver feedback ensures a great experience both from driver as well as from passenger perspective. You will be able to rate the driver by selecting the stars between 1 and 5.

You can select the stars based on your travel experience. If you find the travel was good and satisfactory you can rate with 5 stars. Follow the below explained steps to give driver feedback using Uber app.



Steps to give Driver Feedback in Uber App:

1. Locate the Uber App: Locate the Uber App in you phone. Once you find the Uber App tap on the Uber Icon as shown by the red arrow. You will be able to give driver feedback as soon as you finish your ride. You will be able to see Driver image along with his name . uber Feedback

2. Select the stars: You need to choose the stars if you want to give feedback. Based on the star ratings feedback will be taken. So, as shown in the image below you can rate the driver from 1 to 5 stars. Feedback will be purely based on the stars you choose, as shown by the red arrow click on the stars to rate the driver.

uber Feedback

3. Select the Parameters: You also have to select the parameters on which you have given the stars. Parameters will be listed in the app as shown the image below like driving, price and so on. You need to choose any of the parameters based on which the rating was given. uber Feedback

4. Confirm the feedback: You will be able to see the number of stars given by you as well the parameters that you have chosen to give the driver feedback. once you are done with the rating you can confirm it by clicking “DONE” button as shown in the below image. The driver feedback gets confirmed. uber Feedback

Uber Driver Feedback is very much needed to have good driving experience for the driver as well as for the passenger. It will help the Uber to improve on their driver’s driving skills as well as their behavior and understating with the passengers. So Uber driver Feedback helps not only Uber drivers but also the passengers.  

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