How to Uninstall the Uber App

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Uninstalling Uber App is now a few clicks away!! Follow the below steps to uninstall Uber App if you are no longer in the need. You can have it back anytime if you need. Just follow the simple steps shown below to Uninstall Uber App. This is the most easiest and convenient way of uninstalling Uber App. Just follow the steps shown below to get the Uber app uninstalled just with very few easy steps.

No need to waste time searching where is the Uber App in your phone. If the App is already there in your phone, it will immediacy ask for uninstallation by default when you select the app in Play store. Sounds easy? Let's get started.

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Steps to uninstall Uber App with ease:

1. Open the Play store: Search the Play store in your phone. Play store icon looks as shown in the image below. Locate play store in your phone as shown in the below image. Once you locate the play store tap once to open as shown the image below. uninstall uber app

2. Check for Google Play: When you click on play store below screen would appear on your phone. As shown in the image you will be able to see Google Play. This is the space where you need to enter the app name which you wanted to uninstall. Here you need to enter Uber. uninstall uber app

3. Enter Uber: You need to now enter the app name which you wanted to uninstall. So you need to enter Uber App here. When you type uber in the space provided, it will list out the related things. As shown below you just have to select Uber. Many things related to Uber will appear in the drop-down, but you need to select Uber as shown below. uninstall uber app

4. Select Uber: Select Uber among the options available in the drop -down as shown above. Once you select Uber Below screen would appear in your phone. It will provide you with the option to "UNINSTALL" and "OPEN ". Just click on the "UNINSTALL" button as shown in the below image. uninstall uber app

5. Click on OK: Check for the Options. Click on Uninstall. It will ask for the confirmation “Do you want to uninstall this app. There will be two options, "CANCEL" or" OK" option. Click on Option "OK" if you want to uninstall the app. The app gets uninstalled within no time. One of the easiest ways to uninstall unused apps.

uninstall uber app

So we are here with the hassle-free steps to uninstall Uber app with great ease. This is the simplest way to uninstall Uber App in very less time. Just follow the steps and, yes you are there with the result.

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