How to Download Uber App

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Whether you’re going for an interview or late night party or for a vacation, Uber app is available for you every time. Uber app is very easy and comfortable to use and it’s available on both platform for Android users (Google play store) and for iPhone users (play store). You can download Uber app on both platforms.

It also doesn’t take too much space. So are you ready to make a new friend? Uber provides multifarious services according to their customer needs.

Uber offers you; high-quality service, professional drivers, fair pricing system, safety, flexibility and many more. So here’s the complete guide to explain how to download Uber app.

For Android Users

  1. Open google play store
  2. Search: Now a search bar will appear on the top.
  3. Type “Uber” in it and then tap search magnifying glass.
  4. Now the results will appear, select the Uber icon (will appear on the top, if there no spelling mistakes).
    • Note: before downloading the app, review that app is developed by Uber Technologies, Inc.
  5. Install: Now tap “install” to download the app.
  6. After the downloading process done, tap the “open” to run the Uber application.
  7. Sign up! if you are using it first time. Things required to sign up are User’s name, contact number, or email.

For iPhone/ IOS Users

  1. open Play store on your smartphone.
  2. Search “Uber” to download ridesharing app.
  3. Now tap Uber icon to proceed.
  4. Tap “Get” to install the app (download only Uber Technologies, Inc. app
  5. Sign in with your Apple ID and password. (if not done earlier)
  6. Now tap “install” to download the app.
  7. After download, click “open” to run the application.
  8. Now register your ID in the app, which only needs; your contact number, full name and email id.

This whole process to download Uber app is very easy and it will take only few minutes to run it. So be patient and follow the step by step guide.

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