How to send ringtone on Android

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Do you want to share your ringtone on Android? Here is a fun and simple process to send a ringtone on Android to anyone. File manager allows us to store data in an organized format. It divides the data into categories like audio, pictures, videos, documents, etc. Which makes it easy for us to find anything they are searching for.

Let's look at the following three-step process to send ringtone on Android.

How to Set a Custom Ringtone on Android

Send a Ringtone on Android: 3 Steps

Step-1 Open File Manager: First, unlock your Android device. Next, go to the file manager.

Step-2 Open Audio: Once you open the file manager, you will be able to see categories like video, audio, documents, etc. Thereafter, open Audio files by tapping on it.

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Step-3 Search the Ringtone and Send it: Let's divide this step into two easier steps-

  • Firstly, search the ringtone you want to send in the audio category.
  • Next, go to the share option. Thereafter, several applications will appear through which you can share the audio. Select the most feasible medium and you can easily send it to anyone you want.

Kudos, you just learnt how to share a ringtone on Android.


How to Share a Document on Android?

Sharing a document doesn't have to be as difficult as it sounds. These steps make it simpler-

First, go to the location where the document is stored.

Next, long press or hold it.

Thereafter, a series of options will appear. Lastly, select, share and send it through whatever medium is feasible and to anyone you want.

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