How to Unmute Text Messages on Android

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If you have muted your notifications and now wish to turn them on, you don't need to worry. Notifications keep us updated and we don't miss messages that require urgent attention. Unmute text messages on Android by the following 6 steps.

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Unmute Text Messages on Android by Following These 6 Simple Steps:

Step-1 Go to Settings: Firstly, unlock your Android device. Secondly, Go to the search bar and find Settings Application. Lastly, Open it by clicking on it.

Let's move to the following step.

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Step-2 Go to App Management: Once you go to the Settings Application, go to App Management.

Using App Manager, you may find and delete useless apps from your phone as well as find new ones.

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Step-3 Click on Show System Processes: As soon as you open App Management, you will be able to see the applications on your device. On the top right corner of your screen, you will be able to spot the 'Show System Processes' option. Open it by tapping it.

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Step-4 Open Messages: After opening 'Show System Processes', you will see several options like- media storage and meta app installer, messages, etc. Click on 'Messages'.

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Step-5 Go to Manage Notifications: There will be multiple options once you open messages like permissions, manage notifications, auto startup. Among those options, open the 'Manage Notifications' option.

Step-6 Allow the Notification: Once there, allow the notification by turning them on.

There you go, you have learned how to Unmute text messages on Android.

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