How To Change Message Background on Android

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You can change the message background on android to give your messages application a transformation. It is as fun and simple activity as it sounds. There are two themes available on android messaging applications- dark and light. You can apply a dark theme to give your eyes a calming sensation and prevent strain during long work nights. Therefore, let's not stay in the same monotonous theme and learn how to change themes by following these 4 easy steps:

How to change text message background on Android phone

Change Message Background on Android in 4 Steps

Step-1 Open Google Messages: First, unlock your android device. On your mobile, open the messages application. You can easily search the app and then open it.

Step-2 Open Options from Top Right Corner: Once you open the application, you would be able to spot the options on the top right corner visible as three dots. Open the options by clicking on it. Then, several options will pop up on the screen like starred, device pairing, choose a theme, mark all as read, etc. 

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Step-3 Background Change Window Appears: From several options that pop up on the screen, you need to select the ‘change themes’ option by clicking on it.

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Step-4 Choose The Theme: Once you click on the change themes option, two options appear- light, dark, and system default. You can choose the theme according to your preference from the list of options that are available by tapping on it. And you have changed your theme to your desired preference.

Look, you now know how to change Message Background on Android.

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