How to change Airpod settings on Android

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Want to know how to turn on HD audio on an Airpod? Or how to hear media audio on phone's speaker despite connected to Airpods? In short, how to change Airpod settings on Android? We've got you covered.

Android devices support AirPods but you cannot use all the functions like on iOS. As a result, many of the sophisticated features offered to iOS users won't be available. If you want to change Airpod settings on Android, this article offers a simple process to do so.

Airpods Change Settings on Android iPhone Instructions

Change Airpod Settings on Android: 4 Steps

Step-1 Open Settings: Firstly, unlock your Android device. Secondly, open system settings either by searching on the search bar or scrolling through the apps.

Step-2 Go to Bluetooth and Wireless Networks: After you open settings, you have to go to the subcategory of Bluetooth and Wireless Networks.

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Step-3 Turn on Bluetooth: Thereafter, turn on your phone's Bluetooth.

Step-4 Click on Airpod Setting and Set Your Desired Option: Once your Airpods are connected, you have to click on Airpod settings. There will be several options like phone calls, media audio, etc.

Next, you have to select your category and make the required changes.

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What Airpods features work when connected to Android?

  • ANC & Transparency Mode- Yes, this feature is still available when you connect Airpods to Android.
  • Command gestures- Double tap feature still remains accessible when you connect Airpods to Android.
  • Single Airpod listening- The earbuds connect to your device separately and each piece functions on its own. In ‘Accessibility’ settings, you can simply change your sound output from stereo to mono audio.

Do Airpods sound good when connected to Android?

To be honest, the sound is not as good as iOS when connected to Android. It exists mainly because of audio codec mismatch. Although the difference is not highly noticeable.

What Airpods features do not work when connected to Android?

Here is a list of features that do not work when connected to Android:

  • Siri- Apple's virtual assistant doesn't work with Android devices.
  • Automatic switching- With this feature, you can switch seamlessly between the iPhone and other Apple devices instantly.
  • One-step setup- One-step setup makes pairing devices super easy.
  • Customizable controls- Airpods offer gesture-activated controls, like double-tapping or squeezing.
  • Battery life check- Using Siri or the iOS Control Center, you can also keep an eye on your battery's current condition.
  • Automatic ear detection- This feature automatically pauses playback as an earbud is removed from one ear.
  • ‘Find My’ function- This function enables one to find Airpods in case you lose them.

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