How to rename Airpods on Android

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Want to name your pods something cool? Is your device name as complicated as music theory? Or simply, do you want to rename Airpods on Android? We have curated some simple steps to do so. Read the article to know.

Easy way to Rename AirPods on Android Device | Name Change

Rename Airpods on Android: 5 Steps

Step-1 Open Settings on Android: First, unlock your Android device. Second, open system settings by typing in the search bar or browsing the list of installed apps.

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Step-2 Go to Bluetooth & Device Connections: After opening settings, you must then navigate to the Bluetooth and Wireless Networks subcategory.

Step-3 Make Sure Your Airpods are Connected Then Click on Settings: Now, make sure you are connected to Airpods. Thereafter, go to the settings. The settings symbol would be visible next to the connected device.

Step-4 Rename your Airpods: Next, you have to tap on the pen icon in order to open the rename option.

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Step-5 Rename Window Appears: Consequently, the renaming window appears. You can modify the name of your device easily once you're there.

Kudos! Now you know how to rename Airpods on Android.


Which Airpods features work with Android?

When you connect Airpods to Android, these features will not be hindered:

  • ANC & Transparency Mode- Yes, this feature is still available when connected to Android.
  • Command gestures- When you connect Airpods to Android, the command gestures- double tap feature is still available. You can turn audio on and off using this function.
  • Listening with just one Airpod- Each earbud has its own connection to your device and may be used independently. You can easily switch your sound output from stereo to mono audio under the "Accessibility" options.

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Do Airpods sound good when connected to Android?

To be honest, the sound is not as good as iOS when connected to Android. It exists mainly because of audio codec mismatch. Although the difference is not highly noticeable.

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