How to Register Online FIR in Haryana

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Haryana has the dubious reputation of being one of the top 5 states in India with high crime rate. As far as cognizable crime rates are considered, The state has the highest rank in entire North India. 

The elected State government and law enforcement authorities address this pressing issue by offering technology driven services such as online FIR

Haryana police has started an online citizen portal for registering various grievances and complaints from different districts of the state. online fir haryana 

Law enforcement relies on strict guidelines and complete information is the key to bringing culprits to the book. 

The following step-by-step procedure can assist you in the registration of online FIR. Haryana police use this information and take prompt action in response to genuine and serious complaints on any crime or other types of grievous incidents within the state limits.

How To register Online FIR Haryana

Online FIR Haryana

  1. First, You have to find an internet service at e-Disha Kendra, common service center, cyber cafe.
  2. You can also use the internet connection at home to open a browser and enter the words 'Har Samay'.
  3. Select the 'Welcome to Haryana Police' link and open the official
  4. The official website is also available for complainants at the following
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the home page for 'Citizen Login'.
  6. Fill in your personal details such as name and password for completing the registration process.
  7. Log in to your account and start the process for online FIR. Haryana police advise citizens to read through the website and FAQ.
  8. Select the suitable 'Complaint' or 'Citizen Services' from the top menu.
  9. Fill in the grievance form with complaint details and personal information.
  10. Finally, Check all the filled in details and submit the online form.
  11. You will receive an SMS message in your email inbox for confirmation.
  12. The concerned police officials also receive the complaint immediately.
  13. You can also track the progress of complaint using the 'Status Search' link.
  14. Stay in touch with the citizen portal and regularly check the website.
  15. Citizens have to be responsible and provide authentic information when they register the online FIR. Haryana police advise the responsible citizens to keep the following details ready at hand -An active and valid email address, Mobile Phone with SMS facility.
  16. Internet access with latest browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE
  17. Aadhar Card is mandatory for ID proof.
  18. Other ID cards such as Passport, Driving License, Voter ID Card, Arms License, Ration Card, Income Tax (PAN) Card.
  19. Personal details such as name, landline number, and address.
  20. Community details such as Colony/Locality/Area or Village/Town/City or Tehsil/Block/Mandal.

Social responsibility is essential for a successful democracy, and citizens have to utilize the citizen portal for registering an 

online FIR. Haryana police strive for a transparent and peaceful society that is free from crime, violence, and corruption. 

The information, grievances, and complaints provided on the citizen portal help in achieving these noble objectives of the State Government. 

Note: Due to web traffic or maintenance, The website may not open sometimes. Try again after some time when there is less web site traffic.

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