How to check Aadhar card update & correction status

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What is Aadhaar card? Aadhar card is basically a unique identity number which consist of 12 digits and it is issued officially by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) which is a central government agency of India. 

Aadhar card is considered as world’s largest and national identification card number and is a very important project. But getting Aadhar card is not as simple as it looks. 

In below article we will explain how check your Aadhar card update and correction status? 

Why Aadhaar card is important? 

As time passes the importance of Aadhar card has also increased in comparison to the time of its inception. 

Aadhar card is beneficiary in all Governments schemes and services, and it is also mandatory to avail them. Below are mentioned few basic but very important uses of Aadhar card in our daily lives.

  • LPG subsidy through usage of Aadhar card
  • Now a days Aadhar card is must for passport
  • Aadhar card has now become a digital ID proof of every individual
  • Aadhar card in many states of the country i.e. India is now mandatory to buy any new vehicle. And it is also very important to hold if you are applying for driving license.
  • If you are about to purchase a new SIM-card then you must have your own Aadhar card.
  • If you are a government employee then it is mandatory for you to carry your Aadhar card as it is the new proposal surpassed by the Narendra Modi government to get yourself connected with attendance book of government for the employees.
  • Now you can use Aadhar card for money transfer.

How to check your Aadhaar card update and correction status?

Below are given steps to check your Aadhar card Update and correction status. Continue reading to know more: The moment you have applied for change/ correction in your Aadhar Card or you are seeking to for the update details for your Aadhar Card on the Aadhar card Self Service Update Portal, therefore you will need to return back to the website to check for the update status. Hence below are mentioned few very easy steps to check your queries: 

1. Open UIDAI official website: First of all you will have to visit the Aadhar or UIDAI self-help portal or you can directly visit to the link mentioned i.e.

2. Enter your Aadhar card or UID number: This number is nothing but your Aadhar card UID number or URN number. It is a 12 digit number which is mandatory to enter to check your Aadhar update and correction status. 

(URN is a number which you have received while applying for Aadhar card and you must have it with you while the process.) 

3. Last but not least get your Aadhar update and correction status: Now you just have to enter your two simple details and then click on ‘Get status. 

And in a while you will get a pop-up and you will be directed to see your Aadhar card update and correction status.   

CONCLUSION:  It’s that simple. By following these simple 3 steps you will get your update and correction status. Follow us on our social media website to know more and feel free to ask. Thank you for reading.

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