How to police complaint online about lost mobile in india

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The Mobiles are the greatest invention ever in the world of technology. Because of its size and handling facilities you can carry it wherever you like and can also communicate without any problem with your family and friends. 

But as mobiles are quite handy so sometimes it also happens that you lost it or someone stole it. Like while traveling in bus or train you forget to put it in your pocket or someone sneak into your pocket or in your bag and stole it away from you. 

That can be a big problem if you are going to a new place where you know no one. Mobile_Phone_Tracking_by_Police You can register a FIR against your lost mobile. But how? So, today we are going to tell you how to register an online complaint about lost mobile when you are in India. The fact is no any online services available for online complaining about lost mobile. 

many websites are suggesting to email on [email protected] regarding lost mobile. it's also not working now. In India, in few City, you can complain online about lost mobile like Mysuru. 

Now Indore police started online complaint services for lost mobile. Visit the website and register your IMEI number they will track and find your mobile phone. 

A simple solution to complain about lost mobile write a complaint letter and submit to the nearest police station. The basic requirements for complaint letter-  following details against lost or stolen mobile-

  1. The name of the owner of the lost mobile phone.
  2. The mobile owner address.
  3. The same person’s email id or any other mobile number for communication.
  4. The date, time and location where mobile is lost.
  5. The SIM card number of lost mobile phone.
  6. The details of the last call made by the lost phone.
  7. The IMEI number of the phone.

Police complain online about lost mobile

The process is very easy and fast for finding your mobile. Here is the step by step process- 

Find your IMEI number- First, you must have to know your mobile IMEI no. Now, what is this IMEI number- International Mobile Equipment Identity? 

Because of this IMEI no. every GSM and UMTS mobile phones get their unique identification and all phones have this number.


 IMEI Number

How to find IMEI number?

Now the question is how to find IMEI no. so here are the simple steps to find it- 

Step 1- Go to the dial pad and dial *#06# into the phone. Then your phone screen will automatically display 15 digits no. Note down it that is your mobile IMEI no.

Dial number for IMEI number

Step 2- The compliance plate in your phone under battery also contains IMEI no. IMEI_number under battery 

Note- Because of this IMEI number your mobile can be traced even if the mobile no. has changed. This number is also helpful if suppose your mobile gets lock. With the help of this number, you can have it unlock. 

Step 2- Once you get your IMEI number. Write this number in your complaint letter. and submit to the police station. 

Step 3- With the help your IMEI number it will become so easy to trace your mobile in anywhere in India even if it has been using by changing the SIM. 

Step 4- All you have to do is to keep patience of 24 hours so that police can trace your mobile with the help of GPRS and Internet.

How to write a complaint letter to police about theft or lost mobile?

To Officer in charge, write here your police station name" Police station write here your police station name, District, New Delhi Subject: Request to lodging complaint about loss of my mobile phone.

Respected Sir, I am "your name" s/o "your father name". On June 30, 2015, I lost my personal mobile in Bus or "where you lost mobile phone". 

These are the mobile details Mobile name:  

Android, Samsung phone Color: 

White EMEI No: "your EMEI Number" 

Phone Serial number: "If available write Serial number " 

Phone Number: "lost Phone Number" 

Current price of phone: 18,000 I am kindly requesting to register my complaint and give me the attested copy of this complaint So that I can submit to the service provider to block my mobile number. 

I shall be obliged if you take necessary action to trace and recover my lost mobile. If the lost mobile is found please inform me at this mobile number 1111222333. 

Date: ...........  Yours faithfully, Adress: .........................    Signature Name Contact Number 

Email: replace all the details with your own details like 

"phone number, date, city, phone price".

How to track or find your lost cell phone location (Video)

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