How to Complaint Against Police Officer in India

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To file a complaint against police officer you have to contact with Police complaints authority (PCA), That is conducted by Supreme Court. Basically, Police is appointed for the protection of the public in any country. Army at the country borders and police in the country is the basic system in any country. 

A police officer helps to beat the crime with her/his bravery. complaint against police 

While a police officer joins the police forces she/he takes an oath that she/he will always protect the people of the country and this will be her/his first duty. But sometimes a police officer uses the power in a wrong way. 

For this, the Supreme Court has conduct PCA- Police complaints authority. This authority sees the public complaints against police officers. This authority is basically a panel headed by a retired judge who hears the misconduct or inactivity on any case’s complaints against police. 

PCA try to resolve your case because it is free from the police and have their own powers to entertain your complaint. A complaint can be made by the victim or victim’s friend or a family member. Have a look how to complain against police PCA- 

Documents required-

  • If an injury has happened due to police then mention the medical report in the complaint.
  • You can add a photo that shows the injury of the victim.
  • If you have lodged your complaint and have got any response from the police then you can attach the copy of that complaint also.
  • Proof of daily diary entry.

You can file a complaint if-

  • If a death has happened while in police custody,
  • If a rape has happened while in police custody,
  • If a police officer has grabbed the land or house of the victim,
  • If an extortion has been done by a police officer,

Complaint Against a Police, Police Officer Complaint

Process: Complaint Against Police Officer

  • The complaint process is offline so you have to file the complaint in handwriting.
  • The following this should be mentioned while making a complaint against police-
  1. Name of the complaint,
  2. Address of complaint,
  3. Contact details of complaint,
  4. Write about the complaint- what happened,
  5. When happened,
  6. The name of the officer of whom against you want to file a complaint,
  7. What was said or done by the police officer basically the reason,
  8. If anyone was a witness at the spot of incident add their name also.

After all, this paperwork sends it to the PCA office. The address varies with the cities.

Complaint against police in Delhi

Police Complaints Authority Govt. of NCT of Delhi, M-Block, Vikas Bhawan, I. P. Estate, New Delhi-110110 Tel No. 011-23379900, 01 Fax-011-23370903 website:

Complaint against police in Mumbai

For Mumbai PCA we not found any official website and address you can visit Maharashtra government website to get information regarding PCA.

Complaint against police in Haryana

State Police Complaint Authority (SPCA), Haryana OLD PWD (B&R) Building Sector 19-B, Chandigarh Office Hours: 09:00 AM to 5:00 PM on all working days (as per Haryana Govt. Calender) Phone/Fax No: 0172 – 2772244 

For Complaints: Email to:  For Opinion: Email to: Website:

Complaint against police in Chandigarh

Any complaint may be submitted personally at the office of the Police Complaints Authority situated at the Deluxe Building (Ground Floor), UT Secretariat, Sector 9-D, Chandigarh. 

A complaint in writing may be dropped into the complaint box fixed on the wall of the office there. A complaint may also be sent by post. Website:

Complaint against police in Kerala

As per Government of Kerala, PCA headquarters at Thiruvananthapuram. Its office will be the office of the Deputy Secretary to government nominated as the secretary of the state level police complaints authority. 

Its postal address will be “Deputy Secretary to the government [Home (SSA) Department] & Secretary, State level police complaint authority, Room No. 718, Govt. Secretariat, Thiruvananthapuram” till a permanent office is set up. 

According to Indian Express, The authority can be contacted at phone number 0471-2336939 or email 04712554452, 04712554452

Complaint against police in Tripura

Sl.No. Name & Designation Phone No. Fax No. & E-mail ID. Mobile No.
01. Justice Shri A. B. Pal, Chairperson, PAC. (0381) 235-0125(O) (0381) 233-2857(R) (0381)235-0083 (O) justiceabpal[at]yahoo [dot]com 9436120037
04. Shri Subinoy Kumar Choudhury, Member, PAC (0381) 235-3574(O) -- 9436188012
05. Dr. Tapati. Chakravarti, Member, PAC. (0381) 235-3574(O) -- 9436138535
06. Shri U. Majumder, TCS, Secretary, PAC. (0381) 235-0056(O) Tripurapolicecommission [at]rediffmail[dot]com secretarypac[at]rediffmail[dot]com --


Points to be noted-

  • If after filing a complaint, you don’t get any response (it happens) then you can ask PCA about it.
  • If still it doesn't respond then go to RTI office,
  • If still nothing happens then go to the PCA office what action they are taking into your case,
  • If you don’t get satisfied with the PCA decision one can go to the concerned police station can file FIR.
  • If the FIR doesn’t get entertained then go to senior officers of police if you also get disappointed there then go to the magistrate and high court respectively in case of hearing.

By this way, one can file a complaint against police. PCA will try to resolve your problem. image source

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