How to get U.S visa appointment in India

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A foreign national has to obtain either a non-immigrant visa (for temporary stay) or an immigrant visa (for permanent citizenship) for USA. There is also a provision of visa waiver program that allows nationals of certain countries to travel USA for tourism or business purpose for stay of 90 days or less without any visa, 

but nationals of India are not eligible for visa waiver program. If you are having Canadian visa then you are allowed to visit USA without VISA.

 us visa appointment india 

All those who are going to apply for US visa have to appear for appointment and interview at Visa application center (VAC) at US consulate or embassy. 

One must have to schedule the appointment at visa applicant center one day before the interview scheduled date. One can take the appointment either online or via calling the call center.

How to schedule USA Visa appointment online | Step by Step 2022

U.S Visa Appointment India

 U.S. Visa Appointment by Phone Just call in call center for getting the appointment for U.S. visa.

  • Phone: +91-120-484-4644 or +91-40-4625-8222
  • Call from U.S.: +1-703-520-2239
  • Working Hours: Monday to Friday (8:00 AM to 8:00 PM)
  • Sunday (9:00 AM to 6:00 PM)
  • Call centers will assist you in English, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Tamil and Telugu.
  • Email Support:

U.S Visa Online Appointment Procedure For individuals and family visa appointment, please follow the steps. For the appointment first, you have to create a profile. This profile is required before you proceed to pay the visa fee. 

1. Visit the official visa appointment india

2. Register yourself: If you are a first time visitor, register yourself by clicking on “New User” button at the bottom of the site. Complete the form by completing it. 

Here you have to select the country for visa. After selecting the country, fill all the details below like your email, your name as per in your passport and click on submit button at the bottom. us visa appointment registration form

3. Fill appointment details: After registering yourself, visit again for login and after login, this time clicks at schedule an appointment. Complete the details to proceed further. 

4. Schedule Appointment: Before proceeding, check the general instructions and collect all the documents needed. Now click on “Schedule Appointment”. 

Make sure you fill the form before 30 minutes because the page will be active only for 30 minutes and after that, you have to be login again. us visa appointment india

5. Select your visa type: Now select the “visa type” and click on continue. You can select immigrant visa for permanently stay in the U.S, or you can select Non-immigrant visa, for temporarily stay in the U.S like tourist, business, work, studies and other reasons. us visa appointment india

6. Fill the Details: Now select your “State” and click continue. Here you will see the list of all the states and union territories of India as well as Bhutan. 

Select the state where you lived for minimum 6 months unless you are an Indian citizen residing in the U.S. 

Again select preferred” language for the interview and click continue.  Complete your details. 

7. Select your visa category and class: Select visa category and click continue. Now select “visa class” and click continue. Complete your details. 

8. Re-check all the details: Now at this point make sure that all the information you provided or selected is correct. Click back if not otherwise click continue. 

9. Fill personal details: Now complete your personal details such as your passport details, contact details and your mailing address and click continue. 

10. Add Dependent: If you have any dependant or other family members with you, for whom you want to schedule the appointment on the same slot, time and date, enter their details also by clicking “Add Dependent” and click continue. 

For single person appointment, skip this and click continue. 

11. Give some answers: Here answer the questions related to your previous visa refusal and if you are applying for U.S visa renewal, then click continue. 

12. Now fill the form: Before you start the application process keep the entire things ready with you like your passport, receipt no, confirmation page etc. Now enter all the information asked in the form in proper space and answer all the questions in English only. 

13. Final Re-check: Review your provided information once before proceeding further for any mistake because data entered once cannot be changed except your courier address after scheduling the interview appointment. 

For scheduling your appointment you mainly need three things. First your Passport Number second is your Visa application receipt number and third is your ten digit barcode number from your DS-160 form confirmation page. 

Now your profile is ready and the next step is to make payment and schedule appointment.

  • Make the fee for the visa.
  • Enter all the information about your visa fee receipt and click continue. If your receipt number is already displayed, you no need to enter it again, just click the continue button.
  • Schedule Consular Appointment and click continue.
  • Now click on “Schedule OFC Appointment” which is itself a continue button.
  • Here you will see the appointment confirmation screen with all the details. Now you can print the confirmation screen. Or you can select the “Email Appointment Confirmation” to receive the appointment confirmation on your registered email address.

Required Documents for the appointment

Here is the list of Documents required for the appointment at visa application center for non-immigrant visa.

  1. A valid passport with validity date at least six months post your intended period of stay in the United States. If there are more than one person listed in passport then each person intend to travel to US must obtain visa first.
  2. Your visa application fee payment receipt.
  3. Your form DS-160 format confirmation page.
  4. Required documents based on your visa class. For example, if your visa class is petition based, then your petition approval is required.
  5. Your valid and registered email address.

Tips for scheduling the appointment

Here are few tips and general information for scheduling the appointment and making the payment.

  • For any reason, if you want to reschedule your appointment, you can do it only once. Next time you have to pay the visa fee again, so kindly plan accordingly.
  • For scheduling a visa appointment and to enter delivery address for visa delivery one need to first register and create a profile online.
  • Fee once paid is non-refundable.
  • Visa does not guarantee entry into S territory.
  • Visa only entitles a foreigner to travel to S port of entry and request permission to enter to U.S.
  • Only Department of homeland security and official of customs and border protection can give permission to enter in S territory.
  • One must enter S with a valid Visa.

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