How to Book a Refill of Indane Gas via SMS or IRVS

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India is a big country with its huge population. It takes lots of time to serve this huge population with whether it’s a product or a service. Like if we take the gas cylinder refill booking example. We come to know that a long-awaited queue can be found at gas booking office and lots of time goes wasted. 

But thanks to technology, which has made gas booking process so easy to access that even a child can do this. The long queues and wasting of time seem old time story. 

Now with the help of your mobile phone you can book a gas refill via SMS or IRVS in a few minutes and without wasting your time. 

Now, what it IVRS? IVRS- Interactive voice response system in which computer is allowed to interact with a human through voice and mobile keypad. 

It is the same like calling your mobile network customer care no. Today we will tell you the process how to book a refill of gas cylinder of Indane. Take a look-


Step 1- First you should have known the toll-free gas booking no. of your area. This can be found on your gas booklet which was allotted to you at the time of gas cylinder registration. If you don’t know IVRS no. don’t worry. Go to the official site of Indane that is book Indane gas refill through SMS or IVRS - step-1

Step 2- At the Indane page you will be found two options. In first you have to select your state and in the second option you have to select your district. After selecting the both click on the IVRS number. You will get the both IVRS and SMS no. book Indane gas refill through SMS or IVRS - step-2   

Step 3- Dial the IVRS no. the computer will respond in a human voice. First you will be asked to select a language from the options- 1 for local language 2 for English 3 for Hindi 

Step 4- After selecting the language enters the telephone number of your dealer with STD code. 

Step 5- Now enter your customer number which will be written on your gas booklet. 

Step 6- After that press 1 for the refilling of the gas cylinder. Your gas booking request will be given a number. Note it down that number, just in case your request gets delay or some other problem occurs.

Via SMS-

As we have told you to find the SMS no. above. Now all you have to go the SMS write msgs option. There are two cases- 

1- If you are using the SMS service first time- For this you have to type IOC and send it to your regional SMS no. for gas refilling. 

2- If it is not your first time- Once the customer gets registered with her/his mobile no. then she/he can type the same registered mobile no. in the write msgs and send it to your regional SMS no. for gas refilling.

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