How to Save Money in India

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Saving money seems a big thing but with our top 20 tips it will no longer seem a big thing. Today we will guide you how to save money in India. The suggestions are given below- Save Money in India

Tips to Save Money in India

1. First record your expenses- Make a month wise record of your expenses first. Then tally it and make a plan how to and where to expense. This will help you to analysis your expenses and then you can decide easily how to minimize them. 

2. Make a list before doing shopping and stick to it- To make a list before going out for shopping will help you to buy only useful and important things. 

But for this saving you have to stick to your list firmly.  Especially grocery list will help you buying useful things and it will save your money as well as food also. 

3. Use of the Piggy Bank- The childhood thing piggy bank can be helpful in your savings. You can save your loose change of money in that. 

Slowly this small amount will sum up in a large amount. This can be a reward for your savings. 

4. Quit smoking- Smoking is nothing burning your money that’s all. Stop your smoking as soon as possible. This will keep you healthy and also save your money. For a cold turkey, you can try any anti-smoking products. 

5. Turn Off the lights- If you are not using a light please turn it off. However, your light is not consuming less electricity but it will surely increase your electric expense. Keep in mind to turn off the lights before leaving a room or home. 

6. Quit using Credit cards- Try to avoid the use of credit cards. Keep them hid at your home but don’t keep them in a wallet. The use of credit card increases the expenses. You can keep the credit card for emergency only. 

7. Buy durable appliances- While looking for an appliance go for a reliable and energy saver appliance. If an appliance lasts for 15 years than it costs can be proved worthy. This kind of appliances can save your money. 

8. Avoid the Malls- Shopping malls are nothing but the temptation for a person who wants to save money. The window shopping can be proved torture for you. And also leads you to buy the stuff you don’t need or which is not important. 

9. Prepare your meals at home- Try to make meals at home rather than to go out and dine. Purchase a cookbook and try to make dishes by yourself. Slowly you will realize it is much cheaper and easy way to save money than to dine at restaurants. 

10. Drink more water- Switch yourself to the water than the cold beverages and canned juices. This will not only keep you healthy but also cut your expenses. This will also maintain the sugar level because the beverages and artificial juices have a high content of sugar. 

11. Invite your friend at Home then go out- Going out for food and entertainment with friends will not only increase your expenses but also ruin your budget. 

Instead of going out invite your friend at your home, cook food together and enjoy with games or watching movies. Trust me it will be fun. 

12. Don’t spend big money on entertainment on children- It is not necessary to spend huge money for the entertainment of children. You can teach them activities at home like riding a bicycle, gardening and games in the park. 

This will give your time to your children and money of your pocket remains there. 

13. Use CFLs and LED's- However the CFLs and LED's are costly but they can save energy more efficiently than normal bulbs. But the money you spend in one time can last for years. So, switch to these options. Make a turn of each bulb to switch this will save your money. 

14. Remove your credit card number from online accounts- The next step can be to remove the credit card number from online accounts of shopping. This will break your habit of buying things easily on a click. Saved credit card details tempt a person to buy things. 

If the details are saved maybe you will drop your decision to buy thing while taking steps to make an order. 

15. Use fuel efficient cars- Before buying a car do a research about its efficiency for fuel, it will helpful in saving money. You can’t replace a car again and again. And if the car’s fuel efficiency is not good soon it will turn a burden for your pocket. 

16. Make a 10-second rule- While placing the things in your shopping cart and heading to the cash counter. Take a stop for 10 seconds and look at your carts items. 

Then ask yourself do you really need these stuff and if the answer is no, remove those items. This will help you to buy useful things only. 

17. Rent out the unused space of the home- If you have lots of unused space in your home then don’t think of a second and rent it out. It will not only make a use of that space but also help you in earning money. 

Just make a research of the people whom you are giving your space at home for the sake of your safety. 

18. Eat breakfast- Always try to have a healthy breakfast which fill you with energy and you can avoid a heavy and expensive meal. 

You can have a bowl of oats or porridge for breakfast. These are the rich sources of energy, easy to cook and also help you to save money. 

19. Brown bag for lunch- Don’t have lunch at restaurants instead of this take your lunch with yourself. If not daily then try to take it twice a week. It will help you budget healthy and also helps you in savings. 

20. Learn how to dress minimally - Always try to buy those clothes which you can wear them as matching. This will help you not to buy more clothes. 

Try to buy clothes from local markets than malls. This will help you to save money. 

21. Try to fix things yourself- Daily some things break at your home. Instead of paying for it is repairing or replacing with a new one. Try to fix it by yourself. This can be proved a money saver for you. 

22. Try to live at a cheap place- The place where you live is cheap then you can save a big amount of money because house rent is a big issue in the budget. 

23. Take public transportation- instead of using your personal vehicles try to take public transportation services. It will save your fuel and money also. 

24. Carpool- If your colleague lives nearby you then you can go office by carpooling option. This will save your time, fuel and money. 

In fact, it is also helpful for nature because it cuts down the carbon footprints in the atmosphere. 

25. Never give up - This is the most important point of this plan to never ever give up. The success of savings plan can take time, but you have to be regular for this. 

The regular efforts will develop a habit of savings of money in you and in your children also. So, keep on trying and always find a new way to save money. Regularity is the key.

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